An Open Letter To Rachael Goodine Of ACORN Canada About Defamation…

Rachel Goodine

Dear Rachel,

I don’t think we’ve ever met in person- we’ve never had any business together, and I’ve never initiated communications with you. So it confounds me how you have been continuously attacking and slandering me over Twitter. It’s bizarre I must tell you…

It was only two weeks, out of nowhere, that you made this comment to me:

It seems that you are exercising with psychologists call “projection“- ascribing one’s own attributes onto other people. After all, I have never initiated communications with you- not even once.

Then, today, I was contacted by a reporter who wanted to interview me for a story about rezoning in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Once again, unprovoked, you had to respond with a rather serious (and incorrect) accusation against me:

It appears that you have become a danger to me, and I can no longer tolerate your public defamation of me. It’s time for you to stop- immediately. I am tired of your baseless, but damaging, attacks. I have evidence of multiple incidents like this- this isn’t an isolated mistake, it’s a pattern of misbehaviour.

I have a question for you- do you work in the mental health field?

You need to make a decision before the end of this weekend. You are either going to publicly apologize, and retract this statement you made about my mental health- or, you can ignore this request, and I will be filing a case against you in Ontario Small Claims Court.

The choice is your’s. To use the immortal words of Jason Bowman: “govern yourself accordingly”


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  1. make sure you keep us updated on the apology!

    1. I most certainly will – if Rachel refuses to apologise, I will be posting a copy of the court filing here on this site.

    • Standing Water on November 17, 2012 at 13:16
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    This is something I don’t get about progressives—if they’re so clued in to contemporary values concerning kindness, compassion, etc. why do they use “mentally ill” as though it were something to be ashamed/scared of? The more I learn about these people, the more creeped out I am at how much control they have over vulnerable people in society—it seems like they work to recruit the mentally ill, and anyone who won’t dance to their tune, they slander.

    1. Indeed. And, apparently, Rachel’s mother worked at Riverview- a Vancouver mental health hospital. She’s proving herself to be quite the vile character…

    • The Hammer on November 18, 2012 at 11:54
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    I have spent a bit of time looking into ACORN. At first glance they appear somewhat decent. There are some good causes which I can get behind. Like an Ontario private members bill to limit how much money wire transfer services can charge. There is another program where they help poorer and new Canadians file their tax return free of charge. Provided the advice is good and they are trying to get as much money as possible back for these people I think this is a wonderful program. I also have not uncovered anything related to the core radical-socialist causes–Quebec Student Strikes, G20, Israel, the Tar Sands, etc. Maybe this organization is not so bad.

    But then cracks start to appear. I start seeing terms like austerity, harsh cuts and solidarity. I find an FAQ and one of the questions is about how ACORN is funded. Included in the vague, two sentence answer is labour unions. They do not mention which ones but I have a feeling most, if not all of them, are public service unions. I then notice how many ACORN protests involve PSAC, the postal workers union, transit workers unions, CUPE, etc.

    They also have what looks like a good program to get renters voting in Toronto municipal elections. This looks like a good cause so I open it up and there it is. A series of articles with dates around the last Toronto municipal election attacking Rob Ford and his proposed cuts. Included are reports on protests by various “Anti-poverty” groups who, of course, oppose cuts. So, ACORN is not just looking to register voters. They are telling them how to vote while registering them.

    And the more I look the more I see protests which are advocating helping the poor with increased funding, and of course, increased union hiring. There is another article supporting the gigantic TTC expansion proposed out of the blue by Karen Stintz which of course would mean more transit union members.

    Then there is another article spreading PSAC fear mongering about cuts and how it will “Hurt the poor.” If ACORN actually wanted to help the poor they would be fighting these unions. Far too much of our tax dollars that are supposed to go to the poor, disabled, etc. are sucked up by greedy unions. And god forbid we ever solve any of these social problems. Then we would no longer need all these unproductive unionized social workers and administrators. No, better to string people along, keep them just below the poverty line so these unions can justify their existence.

      • Standing Water on November 18, 2012 at 12:06
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      To put some arbitrary numbers in, even if they did 90% good, by giving them intellectual/physical capital, they end up being able to do the 10% bad stuff, like provide cover for anarchists at their mass demonstrations, agitate for policies contrary to the public interest, etc. etc.

      I know many people are into “pragmatism” these days, that is to say, unprincipled compromise, but I don’t know if it works very well. Even if compromise gets some things done more quickly, it ends up giving resources to organizations with nefarious goals, who clearly abuse that trust.

      For my money, it is time to start using OV as the “open template” for how most radical socialist entities recruit. The only difference is that heretofore their recruiting methods have been secret. OV brought it out into the open.

      As soon as they start mentioning “solidarity”, you know they’re a cult, more or less. Solidarity is newspeak for obedience, as far as I can tell.

      1. Yep, solidarity is a problematic word they use. I keep meaning to write an article about it, and how it’s a tool they use to stop people from questioning their leaders…

  2. I just had an encounter with this psycho. She didn’t like something I said, so she sent me an unsolicited reply because she didn’t like something I said on Twitter. Then she started making threats and they were pretty ugly.


    1. That sounds about right. Rachael has an anger problem, sorry to hear you’re her latest victim…

      1. Did she ever apologize?

        1. No, of course not. And the logistics of serving a summons to her in BC proves to be a problem…

          1. I see she has tweeted a lot with the hashtag #bctf, which leads me to believe the psychopath is a public school teacher. Very, very scary.

            1. It’s my understanding she works in the mental health field for one of Vancouver’s regional health authorities…

              1. I see. Must be a patient run facility she works out of.

  3. Sorry, photo evidence is here:

    • User on July 23, 2013 at 00:15
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    she’s a psychopath. very angry bitter person who is nonsensical.
    the definition of troll.

    1. Indeed, I’ll have to agree with you on that one…

  4. That nutter trolled me on Twitter the other day as well – same pattern. (In fact, Googling her name is what brought me to this blog post, though coincidentally I’ve been following your blog already on the Greg Alan Elliott trial.)

    I blocked her and sent a tweet to @AcornCA asking if her trolling represented their views. No response from them (which I figured would probably be the case), but now paranoid rants from her about how I’m trying to “take it offline” and “get her in trouble”. I know very little about the Canadian branch of ACORN – do they routinely have creeps like this do work for them? If so, it doesn’t speak well of them.

    1. Indeed, Rachael is quite the piece of work! Somehow I don’t think that ACORN cares about this sort of behaviour – it’s just they’re style…

    • TA on October 30, 2014 at 11:54
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    Well, believe it or not, I got trolled by this very individual named Rachel Goodine of ACORN. Yesterday, I wrote a supporting tweet to Jian Ghomeshi to “take the time to recover” and “I will not defame you”. Next thing you know, this Rachel Goodine troll sends an angry tweet to me if my life “involves beating women”. I replied back with a “nope”, and then she accuses me of being a mysogynist. Immediately afterwards, I sent a few tweets to her that she’s wrong and she needs to learn her manners, then … I blocked her! (relief!)

    From what I have learned about Rachel Goodine, not only is she a separated single mother but also suffered rape (several times) as a child and in her youth. And now these negative experiences are making her a misandrist, and she is hell-bent on randomly defaming those that are supporting Jian Ghomeshi.

    I myself have never met Rachel Goodine in person, but she initiated the trolling. And here’s a word of advice in the online world: If you don’t like what some people’s opinions are, please kindly look the other way by going to another page or turn off the PC/smartphone

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