MediaWatch: Says F**K The Troops! (feat. Julian Ichim, Zach Ruiter & Flagpole Alex!)

As most of my readers know by now- is one of the most disgustingly vile publications in all of Canada. They promote G20 vandals as ‘political prisioners’, they publish slanderous lies about people who disagree with the radical left, and they were founded by Judy Rebick- one of the most hideous leaders of Canada’s old-left who has deep connections with the anarchists who have been smashing up our cities.

Rabble often complains that Canada is a ‘dictatorship’ but, the reality is, if this is true, the editors of Rabble would have already been put against a wall and publicly executed- Gangam Style (circa 1950-1953).

This week Rabble outdid themselves for shameless promotion of their fellow old-lefties with their story titled Afghan-Canadians tell the real story behind Remembrance Day protest. Unlike the vast majority of Canadians who were horrified to see people interrupting the soldiers as they mourned their fallen comrades- Rabble didn’t see this as much of a problem. Instead, they used their (vile) platform to help promote two of the people involved.

But, the problem is, the article they posted doesn’t tell the whole story, and it is completely full of shite…

Before I get started, let me say that I feel much empathy for Laila Rashidie & Suraia Sahar. I was never happy with Canada’s participation in the invasion of Afghanistan. Foreign interventions have put their country through hell for many decades now, and there’s no valid excuse for our country’s participation.

That said, there’s no valid excuse for what these two (and their anarchist friends) did on Remembrance Day. This was not a day about promoting the glory of war- it was quite the opposite. The purpose of this ceremony has always been to mourn the deaths of the people who went to war, and to remember the horrors of war so that we don’t repeat them in the future. Many of the veterans who attended that day had friends who died- it’s a very emotional ceremony for them.

I saw the poster at the top of this article a couple of days before Remembrance Day. Considering the content (e.g. Turtle Island) I had a hunch it was connected to Toronto’s anarchists. I forgot about the picture until just now- then, when I began doing some research on what happened that day it suddenly became quite relevant. You see, it was reported in the mainstream media that Rushdie was sharing pictures of that poster on her Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Rabble paints the picture that they were two were innocent and good-hearted people who respectfully went to the ceremony to share their message against the Afghanistan war. But, when you start digging into the situation- they are anything but.

So, who made that poster? Well, the website listed at the bottom of it says that it was created by the “Anti-Colonialist Working Group”. This is interesting, because it establishes a direct link between Rushdie and some of Toronto’s most vile and disgusting anarchists including Julian Ichim (who was also there that day), and a man I refer to as “Flagpole Alex” (who is on-the-run from the police after violently attacking me). It also establishes a connection to Zach Ruiter- the anarchist who’s busy killing the property values of West Toronto residents with his anti GE-Hitatchi uranium protest.

Wow- that’s quite the selection of pro-violence miscreants!

There was one paragraph in Rabble’s article I found to be particularly interesting- and very telling about the attitudes of Rushdie and Sahar. Here, have a quick read:

“This is a settler-colonial society, reinforcing itself through racism, which we witnessed at the Remembrance Day ceremony. This is what explains why a handful of racist, white men screamed in our faces to “go back to your country.””

Oy vey- as usual, Rabble is recklessly throwing around the ‘racism card’ once again! But, I have to totally disagree with this accusation. Yes, it was tasteless that the veterans told them to go back to their own country- but, they were seriously hurt by what happened that day. Regardless, what they said wasn’t about race- it was about culture. And, these two women totally disrespected this country’s culture on one of the most sensitive days on the Canadian calendar.

They had no excuse for what they did, and they totally knew what people’s reaction would be. Personally, as someone who has lived as an immigrant in a number of different countries, I’m totally disgusted by what they did. Regardless of race, if someone moves to another country, and disrespects their traditions on the most sensitive of days, they should expect the same reaction.

This is not, at all, an issue of race- it is a matter of respect. And, the people who interrupted the ceremonies acted with in a completely disrespectful manner. But, that’s to be expected considering the circles they run in. They are closely allied with Toronto’s anarchist community. For example, have a look at what their organization, Afghans for Peace, posted on their Facebook page:

Ah, the Anarchist News- what a surprise! Knowing this, we shouldn’t be surprised how they are connected at the hip with the anarchists. They were co-sponsors of No One Is Illegal’s (NoII) march against Jason Kenney a couple of weeks ago. They were also co-sponsors of NoII’s May Day celebrations, where Sakura Saunders led chants about starting a socialist revolution. Sahar also has mentions of her work in the Socialist Worker newspaper.

So, if you were wondering why Rabble would be promoting them – despite their vile protest last Sunday – wonder no longer. Rabble is like Canada’s version of Pravda– meaning, they support the party line, no matter how ridiculous  vile, or disgusting it is. And, in this case, it is all three.

If Rabble had a printed version, I would never imagine insulting canaries by putting this rag at the bottom of their cage…

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    • The Hammer on November 18, 2012 at 14:38
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    Afghans for Peace is just another front organization for the greater radical socialist movement. The entire group consists of these two York University students who ethic Afghanis. Both grew up in Canada and were brought here at a very young age if they were not born here. The website of this “group” tries to create the illusion that this is some big movement in the Afghan-Canadian community. While I am sure most Afghan-Canadians do not support our war there I am also sure most do not support the politics and tactics of these women.

    The radical socialists are using these women to attack Canadian establishment. The fact their are Afghan helps sheild them a little. There would be a much louder outcry if it was only a bunch of white Canadians there. Furthermore, these radical socialists are advocating the overthrow of the government to be replaced by their utopean, authoritarian, rule which will save us from ourselves. Deep down they know they can never be elected. They certainly do not want Canadians, especially young Canadians, learning that there was a time when thousands of Canadians died fighting against this type of government. Better for them to make Canada look like the bad guys.

    1. Indeed, I’ll bet there are more Afghan immigrants who are angry about this incident than there are who support it…

    • Richard on November 18, 2012 at 15:28
    • Reply

    If they are so concerned about Canada being a setlter, colonialist society, why don’t they go back to where they came from instead of being colonialist settlers themselves?

    1. How can you say that! You’re a settler colonial racist sir! Lol

      • Standing Water on November 18, 2012 at 16:27
      • Reply

      As all Canadians should know, the true native of Canada is the Beaver. Everyone else is just intruding on _their_ turf.

      1. Whose streets?
        Our Streets!

    • Joe Roket on November 18, 2012 at 16:20
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    You state “I was never happy with Canada’s participation in the invasion of Afghanistan. Foreign interventions have put their country through hell for many decades now, and there’s no valid excuse for our country’s participation.”

    We did not invade. We were invited there by Hamid Karzai and his legally installed government of Afghanistan. We are participating as the Afghan government has asked us to. Not as foriegn occupiers.

    Our reasons for being there are many and include allowing for education of both sexes and participation of females in government. The weekly head choppings, stonings and hangings that occurred, at the Olympic Stadium, before we showed up has also ceased.

    1. I know what you are saying – and agree that we’ve done some good there. That said, Karzai’s is a puppet government, and I am 110% against interventionism.

      Thanks for sharing your opinion though – I appreciate that you took the time to write.

    • Mongo on November 18, 2012 at 22:14
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    I have never been considered “political”, but recent events have made me question more of what I see and hear. My beliefs, such as race relations, religion and political view are my own and I try to “respect” others points of view. What I can’t help but wonder is why these…people feel that their ideals are more important than anyone elses. Also, if they feel that they’re right, why do they hide behind others or mask their features? If you are right and truthful you should have nothing to fear – your message will get out no matter what others do to stop it. If you truly believe in a thing then you should be willing to sacrifice anything to achieve your goal – from your freedom to your life. Don’t hide because in doing so all you do is promote hate and fear. Its time for violence to end – riots solve nothing. Disrespecting others and their point of view solves nothing. Patience is its own reward.

    • The Hammer on November 19, 2012 at 09:25
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    Something struk me last night. Take a look at who is funding Rabble. They are listed at the bottom of the page. Most of their support comes from unions. We all know this. And no need for Bill C-377 on this one. Unions like the CAW, United Steel Workers and even the Ontario Secondary School Teachers are funding a site that supports the ignorant, hate filled attack on Canadian veterans. This attack is not too far from what the Westboro Baptist Church has been doing for years by protesting at the funerals of dead soldiers and homosexuals who have died from AIDS.

    Veterans helped build all those unions. They also fought against an enemy of organized labour. Humberto DaSilva can tell you about that. They also fought for the multi-cultural society we have. These unions are supporting their own attackers. I wonder what their members would think? I wonder what the Royal Canadian Legion would think?

    Also, I wonder what other Afghan-Canadians would think. I know some and I know how offended they were when ignorant people here attack their culture and values. Like the Florida pastor who wanted to burn the Koran or the con man from California who made an offensive movie about Mohammad. I wonder how they would feel seeing two women who claim to represent to Afghan community attacking something so many Canadians hold dear.

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