Video Of The Anarchist Asshats Who Interrupted Toronto’s Remembrance Day Ceremonies…

Anarchist Asshats In Action…

This article is a quick follow-up to yesterday’s article on the Anarchist Asshats who decided it was a good idea to interrupt Toronto’s Remembrance Day ceremony on Sunday. The interruption was planned by one of Toronto’s most despicable anarchists (quire an achievement) named Julian Ichim (wearing the beige hat on the left side of the picture).

A video came out today, filmed by Derek Soberal, another one of Toronto’s more famous cop baiters. He’s most famous for his incidents during the G20. I’ll include a video of Derek Soberal Gone Wild! after the video of Sunday’s incident.

One thing I notice from this video is that the police didn’t take any action to arrest anyone- despite the fact that Ichim and his crowd were disturbing the peace, and that there was physical violence. Now, obviously Ichim and his crowd are to blame for this debacle- but, we have to put some of the blame on the police too. It seems that they let the anarchists get away all too often.

I’ve experienced this problem personally before. I was attacked by some anarchists while filming one of their marches a few months ago- the police watched it happen, and came to pull them away from me, but no arrests were made. Two days later I was seriously beaten by a group of anarchists. Each time the police decide not to arrest the anarchists for their minor crimes, they feel more confident and end-up escalating to new heights.

It’s time for the Toronto Police Service to re-evaluate their strategy. Because, as it stands, they are failing miserably…

Here’s the video from Sunday:

And, here’s the video of Derek Soberal Gone Wild!

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    • The Hammer on November 13, 2012 at 13:01
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    It does not help that whenever one of these activistocrats is arrested the largest newspaper in town and the tax payer funded CBC run a series of articles making the activistocrats out to be victims. The main stream news media in Toronto have the police running scared.

    Some examples:–g20-ringleaders–mandy-hiscocks-diary-of-a-jailed-anarchist–another-view-julian-ichim-s-civil-action–g20-activist-pflug-back-has-strict-bail-conditions-altered

    • The hammer on November 13, 2012 at 13:10
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    Something tells me Derek Soberal was picked on a lot as a kid. Seems to be compensating for something.

    1. Yeah, I get the same feeling. Either that, or his parents didn’t pay much attention to him- he certainly is an attention whore now…

    • The Hammer on November 13, 2012 at 14:32
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    Oh I remember thi sguy. He was one of the leaders in that group CUPE paid to protest Rob Ford’s spending cuts. Trying to make it look like it was a big citizen uprising to overthrow a mayor who won a landslide election victory two and a half months earlier. Not to mention those cuts were the central theme in his campaign.

    1. Which guy, Soberal, or Ichim? You’ve really caught my interest on this one- any links or other info you have to share would be greatly appreciated…

    • The Hammer on November 13, 2012 at 15:37
    • Reply


    Stop the cuts is basically run by CUPE 416. Anger at CUPE 416 is the main reason people voted for Rob Ford.

    Some good stuff:

    And some history on the 2009 strike that poisoned most of Toronto against CUPE:

    CUPE decided to punish and bully citizens during the strike:

    And so people voted for Rob Ford and he won in a landslide. People did not vote for Ford in spite of the fact he is a big jerk. They voted for him BECAUSE he is a big jerk and they wanted to stick it to the unions. It was a great victory for democracy.

    Anyway, unions hate him. This is just the tip of the ice burg. Dig some more and you will see a lot of familiar names pop up. There are other groups involved. So called anti-poverty and homeless advocate groups.

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