MediaWatch: Rabble.Ca Helps An Anarchist Asshat Invoke Godwins Law Over Bill C-377!

Notice the anarchist cat…

My regular readers will already understand how awful of a news source is. I’ve exposed them lying about the size of the crowds at the Quebec student strikes. I’ve exposed their idiocy in saying that there’s no such thing as a lefty troll. I’ve exposed how they (and their founder Judy Rebick) helped promote a con-artist who’s caused enormous pain to Canada’s indigenous communities. And I’ve exposed how they labelled the violent criminals who smashed-up Toronto during the G20 as ‘political prisoners’. I’ve also explained how they published outright lies about me in an effort to discredit me in the community (I will be taking them to court soon).

One of the problems with Rabble (besides their poor editorial skills) is how they are very close with the violent anarchist community- not just close, but they actually promote them. For a good example, search Julian Ichim’s name (the asshat who interrupted Remembrance Day celebrations last week)- you will find they have promoted him in 30 articles. Well, today, it has come out that they have promoted another anarchist…

The anarchist in question is Humberto DaSilva. Like many anarchists, he works with CUPE- what a surprise!

Da Silva, in all of his ignorance, made a video for Rabble. The intention of the video was to attack the proposed Bill C-377, a private member’s bill that is intended to bring more transparency to the unions. The idea behind the bill is simple- unions currently don’t have to release all of their financial data and information on their political lobbying to their members. This bill would change things and make union activities more transparent to their members.

So, how does DaSilva make his argument? It’s simple really, he invoked Godwin’s Law and compare the bill to what Hitler did back when he ran Germany. This isn’t only the height of assholery, but it’s incredibly stupid too. Hitler was not a fan of transparency.

It seems that even the bosses at CUPE think this was too much, and they have been denouncing what DaSilva said in his video. The unions fund Rabble- isn’t it time that they get this┬ámonstrous publication under control? It’s time that they fire their editors and bring in some sensible and honest people in their places.

For those of you who are curious- here’s a copy of the video. Enjoy!

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    • The Hammer on November 14, 2012 at 07:39
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    CUPE is trapped in the old British-European class warfare mentality that dates back to Marx and Engels. This dogma is pushed on them by people like DaSilva and Brother Sid Ryan.

    1. I believe that this is what Kalle Lawsn referred to as the “old-left”…

    • The Hammer on November 14, 2012 at 09:34
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    And the riteous hate continues

    1. I saw that mentioned on a military chat board that linked to this site yesterday. Needless to say, they weren’t impressed…

    • Standing Water on November 14, 2012 at 10:21
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    Are these people insane? “wait for your boxcar”? Seriously?
    It seems to me that trade-unions are like most gangs: they recruit the vulnerable with mental health issues who have trouble behaving properly—recruit enough in an area and presto chango, improper behavior becomes proper!

    Also, anyone who makes a video about legislation, proposed or otherwise, without actually quoting the legislation, cannot be playing with a full deck. Are union people so intellectually sedate that they don’t require numbers to quantify whether or not something would be too onerous? How can you suggest a reporting requirement is onerous without giving an estimate of how much time/money it will cost to implement?

    1. I think you hit the nail on the head calling union members intellectually sedate. That’s one of my key issues with union culture – the dumbing down…

        • Standing Water on November 15, 2012 at 16:44
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        I don’t think it is union culture—I think it is more than union jobs attract people who are, well, slow. I have acquaintances from growing up who are in unions, especially public unions (not skilled trades) and some relatives as well. The common denominator seems to be that they have what I think historically would have been regarded as an unspoken intellectual disability. They are “feelers”, not “thinkers,” and to compensate for this, they become aggressive and hostile if presented with ratiocentric arguments. I mean, a picket is not a rational debate—it’s an emotional act designed to intimidate management/the general public, to cow them into accepting the union’s demands. At least, that is how it looks to a rational observer without an emotional interest in either side.

        But to the unionist, I don’t think it’s seen that way. I think it’s an almost schizophrenic symphony of uncontrollable feeling and disordered, justificatory speech wherein any conduct, any language is OK, if it is in “solidarity” with the union’s groupthink. I understand it’s treading on thin ice to suggest that people in unions suffer from mental disability/disorder, but isn’t that where the scientific community is headed re: criminal behavior in general? Fetal alcohol syndrome, for example, effects a large proportion of Canadian inmates, and it has effects such that those afflicted literally cannot respond to punishment in the normal way, because their brains were fried in utero.

        Could support of unions (which were historically called illegal combinations for the raising of wages) be prima facie evidence of mental disorder? I would rather think that gang-bangers are mentally disordered, rather than something archaic like “evil”, because the former paradigm provides a wider range of treatment options.

    • The Hammer on November 14, 2012 at 14:24
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    These unions are the reason people who are Libertarian learning like myself are attacked. They make smarmy comments about Ayn Rand and the like. I ask questions like “How can you oppose austarity when you are complaining about the hold banking has on us? How can we ever break the hold banks have on us if our governments keep borrowing more and more money?” Instead of having an intelligent discussion I get shouted down and called a “neo-con.” Showing they have no idea what a Libertarian or Neo-Conservative is. One of my best friends is a socialist who used to run with Ichim and Hundert (before he realized what they are really like) and we love arguing with each other about politics. And in the end we agree on more than we disagree on.

    CUPE though is about one thing and one thing only. Making as much money as they can off the government. They are businesses. And those CUPE presidents, like Humberto DaSilva and Chelsea Flook have a gig as good as a senator. Many of them are making six digits and do very little work. No wonder they fight so hard.

    So here we are with an occupy movement that has become an anti-austarity movement. Went from being about standing up to banks to going deeper in debt to them.

    1. Wow, that may be the best analysis of the union takeover of Occupy ever. Thanks for sharing…

    • The Hammer on November 14, 2012 at 14:59
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    It is not just Occupy. It is everything they touch. They use this antiquated left-right political spectrum to place people in pre-determined buckets. As far as they are concerned if you support small government, balanced budgets and fiscal restriant then it means you also support big military, social conservatism and oppose civil rights. They use this mentality to brainwash the young bleeding hearts.

      • Standing Water on November 16, 2012 at 20:00
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      Not only is it antiquated, it cannot possibly comprise a fulsome understanding of all humanity’s political aspirations—it almost reminds me of a facet of borderline personality disorder, where people tend to categorize others as “good” or “evil”, often vacillating depending on how they are treated. Government is “good” when it is giving unions fat contracts, “evil” when it is not doing everything the union wants.

      I wonder, is there any research into the prevalence of mental health issues in union members?

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