MediaWatch: Rabble.Ca Helps An Anarchist Asshat Invoke Godwins Law Over Bill C-377!

Notice the anarchist cat…

My regular readers will already understand how awful of a news source is. I’ve exposed them lying about the size of the crowds at the Quebec student strikes. I’ve exposed their idiocy in saying that there’s no such thing as a lefty troll. I’ve exposed how they (and their founder Judy Rebick) helped promote a con-artist who’s caused enormous pain to Canada’s indigenous communities. And I’ve exposed how they labelled the violent criminals who smashed-up Toronto during the G20 as ‘political prisoners’. I’ve also explained how they published outright lies about me in an effort to discredit me in the community (I will be taking them to court soon).

One of the problems with Rabble (besides their poor editorial skills) is how they are very close with the violent anarchist community- not just close, but they actually promote them. For a good example, search Julian Ichim’s name (the asshat who interrupted Remembrance Day celebrations last week)- you will find they have promoted him in 30 articles. Well, today, it has come out that they have promoted another anarchist…

The anarchist in question is Humberto DaSilva. Like many anarchists, he works with CUPE- what a surprise!

Da Silva, in all of his ignorance, made a video for Rabble. The intention of the video was to attack the proposed Bill C-377, a private member’s bill that is intended to bring more transparency to the unions. The idea behind the bill is simple- unions currently don’t have to release all of their financial data and information on their political lobbying to their members. This bill would change things and make union activities more transparent to their members.

So, how does DaSilva make his argument? It’s simple really, he invoked Godwin’s Law and compare the bill to what Hitler did back when he ran Germany. This isn’t only the height of assholery, but it’s incredibly stupid too. Hitler was not a fan of transparency.

It seems that even the bosses at CUPE think this was too much, and they have been denouncing what DaSilva said in his video. The unions fund Rabble- isn’t it time that they get this monstrous publication under control? It’s time that they fire their editors and bring in some sensible and honest people in their places.

For those of you who are curious- here’s a copy of the video. Enjoy!

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