Occupy Love: Where Judy Rebick, Michael Moore, Hollyhock, Renewal Partners, Soros & The Black Panthers Intersect…

I’ve written about the Activistocrats before- they are who Kale Lawsn of Adbusters called the ‘old-left’. They’re the people who hijacked the Occupy movement and changed the focus from being about problems with the banks and corporations to focussing on issues like identity politics, and promoting the NDP. In Canada, one of the commonalities of the Activistocrats is that most of them have connections to Judy Rebick- one of the queens of this country’s old-left…

Rebick is a well-known feminist, and a professor at Ryerson university. Rebick is also deeply connected to the NDP- including radicals like CAW economist Jim Stanford, Former NDP MP (and shoplifter) Svend Robinson and radical NDP  MP Libby Davies. Rebick has worked with with Alex Hundert, a currently incarcerated criminal who was a ringleader for the violence at Toronto’s G20- and, with Harsha Walia (who was at the G20 wearing a mask) an advocate for the violence on Vancouver’s streets during the 2010 Olympics.

Rebick was also the founder of Rabble.ca, a radical online publication funded by the unions. Rabble is famous for it’s lock-step support of old-left policies- they’ve been caught publishing a number of outright lies. Rabble has also labelled the vandals from the G20 as ‘political prisoners’, and has given a lot of support to Black Bloc anarchists. Rabble is also well-known as the slander machine of the old-left, I know this from experience after they published (and quickly retracted) two stories slandering your’s truly.

When it comes to the radical old-left, and violent anarchists, Judy Rebick is the Kevin Bacon of both worlds…

Kevin Konyu (on the left) at Occupy Toronto’s planning meeting…

The old-left’s hijacking of Occupy’s history, Occupy Love, will be shown in Toronto tomorrow. And, it wasn’t much of a surprise to see that there would be another Activistocrat attending- this time it’s Kevin Konnyu, a man who people at Occupy Toronto have told me was “a major player from the first second”. This picture of Konyu leading the proceedings at OT’s planning meeting helps confirm that.

My sources have told me a few interesting things about Konnyu. First, he seemed to disappear as quickly as he appeared. Since Occupy, there have been very few (if any, I can’t confirm) sightings of Konnyu. I remember a couple of months ago hearing a few Occupiers ask “where’s Konnyu?” Well, he is appearing at the premier. Interesting…

Then, there’s a video of Konyu speaking on the first day of Occupy Toronto’s- he identifies as a member of the Facilitation Committee. He explains how he, and the other facilitators (mostly Activistocrats) teach the Occupy process to others. Occupiers like to think that they invented this process, but the old-left has been using (and abusing) consensus-based organizations for years. He is clearly acting as a leader.

The next interesting part of the video comes at 1:10, when Konnyu says “…would like to recognize, that we are already on Occupied land!”. This may sound familiar to many of my readers, and people from Occupy Vancouver who were at our planning meetings. It is the exact same thing Harsha Walia did at Occupy Vancouver when she broke Occupy’s process and interjected it at no-policy meeting. I wrote about this in Yellow Card, one of my first articles about the Occupy movement- this was the first moment I felt something could be seriously wrong.

At 2:41, Here Konnyu proclaims “A good thing to remember, is that this isn’t just about the people who camp here.”  I nearly peed myself laughing when heard this. I’ve heard from multiple sources that Konnyu (and other Activistocrats) were staying in nice warm rooms at the Sheraton Centre. I wonder if they got a chance to check out the heated half indoor/half outdoor pool- if they didn’t they missed out on the full experience…

Here’s the video:

Konyu was also involved with Canadians Advocating Political Participation- along with Judy Rebick, a Black Bloc associate of Alex Hundert’s named Jessica Denyer. Denyer was with Hundert on the night he came to block the entrance to an Occupy Toronto meeting- she’s also been seen with him going to court.

Kevin Konnyu, Judy Rebick & (Black Bloc) Jessica Denyer

There’s another player in this story I haven’t written about yet- and, her story helped me make a lot of new connections. Nova Ami is the movie’s producer- her bio says “…previous documentaries have focused on topics about women and youth.” So one could imagine she may know Judy Rebick- right?

Not only are the two associates, Ami actually did a vanity piece on Judy Rebick titled Manhattan Memoirs. I could explain the video in my own words, but I thought the words they used on the YouTube posting speak for themselves:

“Canadian writer and activist Judy Rebick shares her memories of living in New York City in 1968, including her experiences with members of the Black Panthers and the Weathermen, an encounter with Abbie Hoffman, working at an East Village boutique selling clothes to the likes of Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, and attending many music concerts at the Fillmore East.”

 Things that make you go hmmmm…

In the video, Rebick frames her experience with the Black Panthers and the Weathermen as being uncomfortable. It was reminiscent of back at the G20 when Rebick publicly denounced the Black Bloc while simultaneously embracing them as ‘political prisoners’ after they started being charged and tried for their crimes. Between denouncing the Black Bloc, and her close support for their leaders, Rebick treads a very fine line.

Peacing It Together on a remote BC Island…

Ami did another interesting film titled Peacing It Together. And, once again, the teaser text is incredibly revealing:

“Converging on a secluded island off the west coast of Canada, a group of Israeli, Palestinian, and Canadian teenagers participated in a unique peace and filmmaking camp. Organized by the Peace It Together Society, the three-week experience brought together bitter enemies from across the globe to the forests of British Columbia where they learned to live and co-create in harmony. During the Peace it Together summer program, award-winning filmmakers Erik Paulsson and Nova Ami followed several Israeli and Palestinian youth on their remarkable and inspiring journeys of hope, to produce this powerful and heart-warming documentary.”

Can you guess where this secluded island is? I’ll let Judy Rebick tell you, it’s part of the story about where she first met Velcrow Ripper. Here’s the video, it should be queued to start at 3:15, it’s a real eye-opener:

Holly Hannah, did Rebick say she met Ripper at Hollyhock? Hollyhock is a new-age resort on BC’s Cortes island. I stayed there back in January when I stayed in their volunteer house. It was off-season, and the volunteers had some empty space. Cortes Island is beautiful, if you want to see what it’s like, have a look at my Tumblr Page where I’ve posted 100’s of pictures.

There’s something very significant about this connection. Because, in addition to being a new-age resort, Hollyhock is also deeply connected to the people in the TIDES Foundation. So, it wasn’t such a surprise when I learned that Peacing It Together was funded and supported by Renewal Partners. Are the pieces coming together now?

Folks, we’re in Soros/Rockefeller/Pew/Hewlett/Packard country. Yep, American billionaires who are executing massive social change movements in Canada! Isn’t this fun? And, don’t forget that Occupy Love’s Executive Producer was also the producer of two Michael Moore films.

I was searching Michael Moore and Judy Rebick together on Google today and found an interesting link from OpenPolitics.ca. In it, they describe ‘Political Personality Types’. Moore is listed as a “DBCLN-Social Democrat”- there two other people in the examples, Jack Layton and Judy Rebick. The things you learn when you start digging…

There’s another interesting fact I’m working to confirm right now. There’s a lot of buzz online about Bridget DePape being offered and/or taking a job with Michael Moore. Can anyone out there confirm if she took it or not?

There’s a whole lot more on this story to report, and I will continue digging into the connections- expect a relationship chart soon. Also expect a story on how a Serbian led group of revolutionaries named Otpor! We live in interesting times…

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    • brotherwolf1 on October 13, 2012 at 10:12
    • Reply

    Kevin Konnyu is an interesting person . He lives in the Parkdale area and is quite an accomplished photographer. Here is his site on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fifth_business/ . He loves to shoot roller derby as well as a plethora of different subject matter. However, he is also very deeply seeded in the occupy movement in that while he tends to stay behind the scenes , he is very much the go to guy . He is very deeply connected to the top leaders of occupy and has detail knowledge of all the inner workings of what goes on there. He could quite well be the poster boy for what a cult brainwashed subject is.

    Jessica Denyar is a U of T student with very deep connection to the anarchist movement in Toronto and is a die hard black bloc activist. While she tends to be quiet in that she says very little , her presence is almost a euphoric one when other black bloc anarchists congregate in that her presence is likened to concrete that binds the bricks together. She is at just about every major protest event, usually adorned in her black bloc outfit. and black bloc flag.

      • brotherwolf1 on October 13, 2012 at 10:21
      • Reply

      Funny thing too about the movie title and the irony of it. Occupy was everything BUT love. it was about creating divisions between groups and people, it was about accusations or racism , sexism , it was about the application of violence, it was about the alienation of groups and persons who asked questions when things did not add up. Occupy was about spreading lies about things and people. Occupy was a deception and a distortion of facts. Perhaps, however, more accurately , it was the LEADERS of occupy who engaged in these types of conducts . Occupy COULD have done good and created awareness around certain issues, but the leaders thought it better to pad their own pockets with union perqs , nice hotel rooms, Iphones, trips, cash , all paid for by the unions, for no reason but their own personal greed.

    • no way for you on October 14, 2012 at 00:52
    • Reply

    Velcrow is an idiot

    1. Indeed- a ‘useful idiot’…

  1. well done rebloged thanks

  1. […] Love. Ripper got involved with Occupy after meeting Judy Rebick (godmother of Occupy Toronto) at a meeting at Hollyhock. It’s unknown if he has the same tattoo, but “Love is the movement” is the tagline he used […]

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