UPDATED: Occupy & Student Strikes- They’re Not What They Looked Like on The Surface…

Toronto Casseroles March At George Brown College

Yesterday some interesting (though not totally unexpected) news came out on Undercover Kitty’s blog. While attending a debriefing with the leaders from the Quebec student strike, Kitty learned the at the strikes were not as spontaneous as we’ve been led to believe. According to the testimonies of the speakers, the student strikes were two years in the making.

They also discussed using the Occupy movement’s “General Assembly” process two years before Occupy came along. Things that make you go hmmm…

The Casseroles marches weren’t only about student fees. They were a menage of organizations with different social and political issues marching, wearing red felt patches and bashing pots & pans together. The picture I posted at the start of this article is a perfect example.

There’s a leader from the Canadian Federation of Students, a man who claims to have been in the Weather Underground, a radical Anglican priest, a group of rowdy anarchists and several members of the Toronto Police Service. The priest is standing between an anarcho-Communist flag and a banner declaring the need to “Nationalize Auto, Steel and Banks”.There’s also a sign about college professors and a Quebec flag. Many causes were covered- it was mostly a mosaic of the old-left.

Banging pots and pans had a rhythmic and quasi-hypnotic effect on the crowd. Everyone has lots of fun, and people who hardly understand the issues they were marching for joined in regardless. The pots and pans had a Pied Piper effect.

Undercover Kitty reports that the leaders of the Quebec movement  movement are now focussing on taking Prime Minister Stephen Harper out of office. This is the same rallying cry at the march on Ottawa last month where Sid Ryan hijacked the stage and used it for shameless self-promotion. Judy Rebick’s done the same with her book on Occupy, and how she’s reportedly mucking around with the brandname “Occupy Education”.

The old-left’s elders are milking Occupy’s corpse in an orgy of self-promotion. In their greed, they’ve decided they would tolerate and/or promote the use of violence. Then they took it further and gave support to those who advocate violence.

Judy Rebick with Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois (left) and Cloé Zawadzki-Turcotte (right)

Sid Ryan shared the stage with anarchist Sakura Saunder’s husband. Judy Rebick put significant effort into supporting pro-violence anarchist leaders like Alex Hundert (who is currently incarcerated) and Harsha Walia. David Eby refused to help address this violence in a situation where a police officer was eventually hit in the face with a flagpole. Barry Weisleder promoted a con artist who has hurt indigenous communities (Winnie Ng and Judy Rebick did too).

None of them have apologized or made amends for their mistakes…

Though there were a lot of genuine participants- Occupy and the Quebec student strikes are not what they looked like on the surface. They were posed as spontaneous uprisings, but they were actually well-planned events led by the unions and the established old-left. Their ‘respected’ elders used these platforms to push tired-out policies of the old-left, and to promote their political causes.

In the future, when people decided to join a ‘popular’ movement, it is important to understand who is behind them, and what is their ultimate purpose. If activists continue to work as the useful idiots of the old left, it will be a long time until real change occurs…

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