Zach Ruiter Gets Pwned By Steve Paikin Of TVO!




Zach Ruiter is one of the more entertaining clowns in Toronto’s activist community. The protests he leads more often than not turn into cop-baiting sessions, he embarrassed Toronto-Parkdale MPP Cheri DiNovo pretty seriously with one of his anti-nuclear marches. He’s also caused some embarrassment for NDP MP Andrew Cash and MPP Jonah Schein.

Zach has a history of appropriating the voices of indigenous people, at one point making a mockery out of Idle No More, and his infamous BannockGate video. Today he continued his tradition of appropriating the voice of Canada’s native community by telling-off Steve Paikin of TVO for using ‘incorrect’ language. Paikin’s response to Zach has had me laughing for over half an hour- great work Steve!

If you want to learn more about Zach and his foibles- check out my Zach Ruiter page where you can see him in all of his glory…

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    • The Hammer on June 12, 2013 at 07:48
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    That is pretty funny. Steve Paikin must be well aware of what Zach is all about.

    1. Let’s hope that the word is getting out there. Had Cheri DiNovo known what Zach is all about she may have saved herself from a lot of embarrassment…

  1. Steve Paikin is my new hero. Zach, don’t worry about your ego being deflated, in time, even you will recover only to be deflated once again. Greg, AWESOME story, exactly what we need on a wednesday morning to get over the rest of the week.

    1. Yep, he’s my hero now too! Zing!

    • The Hammer on June 12, 2013 at 11:35
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    I had a look at Zach’s twitter. He continues to attack Steve several times after lol

  2. Zach is an idiot. I remember him from Caledonia, where he used to run around like Tom Keefer’s lapdog yelling at Gary McHale’s people. The last time I saw him was at York University attacking the Jewish students at an “apartheid” event:

    Do you know if he is a student or a professional activist?

    1. I believe Zach is only a professional activist now, but I haven’t confirmed that. And yes, the word idiot is quite appropriate…

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