Watermelon Environmentalist Admits It’s All About Israel! (feat. Macdonald Stainsby & DGR)

Macdonald Stainsby- Yes, he's as evil as he looks...

Macdonald Stainsby- The David Duke of the tar sands?  (And as nasty as they come)

One of the commonalities I’ve observed in Canada’s socialist activist communities is that very little is as it looks on the surface- there’s almost always a hidden agenda. A great example of this was when 100’s of members of the Toronto activist community joined in to support 22 striking Porter Airlines refuellers. At first glance it appeared only to be an extraordinary amount of support- but, looking behind the curtains, it became apparent that some members of Porter’s board are strong supporters of Israel and work with Barrick Gold. Sakura Saunder’s protests against Barrick are no different- their CEO, Peter Munk, is a great supporter of the Jewish National Fund.

Macdonald Stainsby is the perfect embodiment of a watermelon activist (green on the outside, red in the middle), and one of the most influential Canadian environmental activists you’ve probably never heard of. Ten years ago he was quite prominent when he setup the website Oil Sands Truth. But, he’s since gone somewhat underground trotting around the globe, but leaving public (and arrestable) protests to people lower down on the totem pole. This week, after returning from Mongolia (who pays for this?), he wrote a report on his trip that gives us further insight into the ulterior motives of Canada’s watermelon environmentalists…

It was interesting to learn that Stainsby was in Mongolia. When I wrote my story about Patrticia Stein, an American revolutionary related to the Egyptian revolution, someone from there began reading my stories for a few days. Mongolia is a major point of investment for Canadian mining companies– in fact, our country is Mongolia’s second largest trading partner. That, naturally, has resulted in Canadian watermelon activists travelling there to stir-up trouble.

Stainsby, however, wasn’t there to investigate what’s happening with the mines- his focus has always been about the oil industry (well, that, and his hate-on for Israel). The purpose of his trip was to investigate Genie Energy, an American headquartered oil & gas company that specializes in exploring for energy located in shale formations. Another interesting fact about Genie is their involvement with the Israeli Energy Initiatives. But, of course, that’s just a coincidence- right?

Well, not really- in his report on his trip to Mongolia (Colonialism, Mining and Oil Shale: Don’t Let the Genie Out of the Bottle), Stainsby’s focus was a lot more about Genie’s connections to Israel than the environmental impact of their work. For example:

“Why would Genie– upon whose board sit Rupert Murdoch, Howard Jonas, Dick Cheney, Michael Steinhardt, Lord Jacobs Rothschild and others– want to come to Mongolia? These open Zionists and militarists have made clear their goal is to make Israel an oil superpower– They even hired Israel “Relik” Shafir, a pilot who flew the sorties attacking the Osirak Nuclear Reactor in Iraq back in 1981– to be their CEO. He publicly likes to reference his time in the Israeli air force as having taught him the importance of energy self-sufficiency.”


“When one considers who is leading the company it seems highly probable that Genie’s very existence is ideological, given the public positions of many on the board regarding oil, climate change, Zionism and militarism, never mind American revelationist Christianity tied to tales of Armageddon and Israel.”


“Would that be to hand off the shaleball to Genie in Israel, to destroy the climate while trying to make a Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement irrelevant? If Israel commercially can produce their estimated over 200 billion barrels of oil shale, that would be economically the single greatest apartheid wall for the BDS movement to scale”

Stainsby, and the majority of his watermelon comrades are so ideologically focused on Israel they’ve got to the place where they’re as fixated as David Duke. They’ve grasped onto environmental movements and have started using them as a proxy to further their Marxist/anti-Israel causes. That is, of course, their prerogative- in a free country we’re allowed to make our own choices, right or wrong.

The problem is that Canadian environmentalist movements are generally run by the same small group of radical socialist ideologues across the country. And, they’re consistently bundling environmental causes with issues completely unrelated to environmentalism. So, if you’re an average Canadian Jane/Joe who cares about an issue like the oil/tar sands, and donate to or attend one of their rallies- it’s likely your contribution is also going towards protesting Israel, promoting militant (violent) unionists, and ending all forms of capitalism.

In Stainsby’s case, he’s been an active participant in a group called the Deep Green Resistance. The DGR actively promote that we need to blow-up dams, sabotage factories, depopulate society and destroy anyone who gets in their path.

That’s exactly what Stainsby tried to do with Tzeporah Berman when she was recruited as a director at Greenpeace. Berman has had great success working in cooperation with corporations to negotiate viable solutions. In retaliation, Stainsby and his gang of fellow watermelons took great effort to smear her at every opportunity. There have been many victims left behind in the DGR’s wake.

Idealogical zealots like Mac Stainsby are a great danger to our society. They promote, and participate in, political violence. They take issues like environmentalism and twist them to act as proxies for undisclosed causes. Ultimately, this drives many people away from standing up for what are very important causes. Those who don’t walk away are often torn apart.

Something needs to change…

Macdonald Stainsby with Clayton Thomas Muller

Macdonald Stainsby with (NGO funded) Clayton Thomas Muller

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