BullyWatch: Stainsby & Vasey- Two Douchbags In A Pod…

A mixed-composite drawing of StainVase

Please Note: This is the first time I’ve used ‘name calling’. This is something I’ve avoided since the attacks and name calling began against me- but, people who attack other’s families deserve no less in my opinion….

I’ll never forget the moment I told Dave Vasey that I knew about his connection to Macdonald Stainsby. It was classic, his face went white as a ghost, then he turned to Wilsun (an Occupy Toronto Marshal) and said ‘see, I told you!’ It was that moment I knew that justice would be served…

Then, on Sunday, more truth came out about their connection. Not only are they comrades in hate, but they use the same playbook! Have a look at this thread from the Occupy Is An Inside Job page on Facebook:

So, to those who have been backing Vasey, saying he is a ‘good guy’ and a ‘dedicated activist’, I forgive you. He plays a good game- but the gig is up now! I’ve avoided from using this word up until now, but he is a total douchebag- don’t y’all think?

Macdonald Stainsby is also quite the douchebag. Not only is he anotherĀ George Soros funded schill for the 1%- but, he is not immune from playing the same sort of games as we’ve just caught Vasey at. In this case, it was a personal attack on me- also through someone who I loved:

Such a loving letter, saying he is worried about my health, while at the same time slandering and hurting me by writing to someone close to me. Both Stainsby and Vasey are high-profile Tar Sands protesters, both have worked together for years. Both have the creativity of a llama, and consequently get caught playing the same games.

And, in-case you are wondering if any of what Stainsby had to say was true- it wasn’t. To exemplify this, I’ll once more share with you a video of Harsha Walia, the ‘dedicated woman’ Stainsby stood-in to ‘protect’ from me.

Dedicated to violence that is…

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