University Of Toronto Maoists Gone Stupid At The Trans March!

"I am not amused with my UofT followers!"

“I am not amused with my UofT followers!”

Back in April I covered the story about how a group of crazy Maoists and anarchists attempted to crush free speech at the University of Toronto. The speech they were trying to suppress was of Men’s Rights Advocates who were trying to hold a meeting at the (appropriately chosen) Zoological Sciences building. The protesters ended up pulling the fire alarm- what happened was more like high school than university.

I ran across the same group of Maoists at Friday’s Trans march. It appears that they recognized me and made the incorrect assumption that I was a Men’s Rights Advocate. This is strange, because the article I wrote about what happened in April was highly critical of the MRA’s (as well as the Maoists and anarchists)…

But, nobody has ever accused Canadian Maoists (or anarchists) of being too smart. After all, even in modern China, people can see that Mao wasn’t “all that”. Here’s a video of the Maoists making fools out of themselves. Enjoy!


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    • cutesy on June 29, 2013 at 08:56
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    Go on, what was the real reason you were interested in the trans-march. Surely not to make a 55 second video clip in which only half of it has any actual footage.

    1. I have lots more footage to put together, this is only the start…

  1. The Warhol “Lipstick Mao” and glowing comrade chorus was still delightful.

    1. Thanks, glad you enjoyed!

    • The Hammer on July 1, 2013 at 09:02
    • Reply

    Please tell me Shut The Fuck Up girl was there.

  2. Hyya Hammer, if she was , we certainly didn’t see her. Too bad as i would have really ,loved to have a conversation with her.

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