[Updated] Port Alberni Residential School Mass Grave Is Another Sick Hoax (Feat. Kevin Annett)

Yes, another Annett fake grave...

Yes, another Annett fake grave…

Update: More details debunking this (sick) myth can be found on Heather Martin’s website here.

There’s a new, sick, hoax going around about Canada’s Indian residential schools. The story is that an “unmarked mass grave” was discovered at the site of a former United Church of Canada residential school in Port Alberni, BC. Some genius created a webpage for it on Causes.com, including the grisly picture you can see in the above screenshot.

Reflective of the Internet’s never-ending supply of idiots, numerous people have chimed in with their comments of how horrible this situation is. And, depending on the backstory, it could be a truly horrible situation, if it was true that is. The reality is that it’s an absolute fabrication- another fake mass grave brought to us by relentless con-artist (and abuser of residential school survivors) Kevin Annett.


Surprise! The picture comes from Srebrenica!


The story was first brought to us in December 2013, when Annett announced with fellow con-artist Alfred Webre that a mass grave had been found in Port Alberni. This isn’t Annett’s first time claiming to have discovered a mass grave. The last one, in Ontario in 2011, was such a fiasco that the Aboriginal People’s Television Network did a full-length show unmasking Annett’s fraud.

The picture being shared about the ‘mass grave’ actually wasn’t taken in Canada. If you look closely, you will notice that the police tape is in another language. It only took a few minutes to find the original picture- it was taken in 2005 at the site of a mass grave in Srebenica, Bosnia Herzegovina. People, please think before you share this crap!

You’re revictimizing the people you think you’re helping…

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