Quebec #Line9 Occupiers “We’re Not Greenpeace!” (Well, not anymore, perhaps…)

Former Greenpeace intern Alyssa Symons Belanger locked to a gate

Former Greenpeace intern Alyssa Symons Belanger locked to a gate

In a replay of the Gandhi of Vancouver’s quixotic battle against the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline, four protesters locked themselves up to the gate of a Quebec Enbridge facility this morning. They came to protest the reversal of the Line 9 pipeline, a project that’s expected to be complete in the next few weeks. Protest spokesperson Corinne Trubiano explained how it’s their goal to “create a wave of citizen mobilization”, and explained that they’re “a citizen group and not an organized group like Greenpeace”.

It was an interesting choice, Greenpeace; her fellow protester Alyssa Symonds-Belanger is one of their a former Climate and Energy intern, and Trubiano is listed on Greenpeace’s website as a member of their Montreal group. Belanger has been part of a Quebec action camp against Line 9, she was accompanied at the camp by Wolfgang Chapkro, who was arrested at the last Line 9 occupation in Ontario. She’s also part of a travelling show against pipelines.

This isn’t Trubiano’s first anti-pipeline rodeo, earlier this year she was an organizer of a 700km march against the TransCanada pipeline (a April panel for the march included Patrick Bonin of Greenpeace, and Vanessa Gray). In February 2012 she was quoted in the Montreal Gazette while participating in a protest blockading Montreal’s Tour de la Bourse- the protest eventually got violent. She too participated in the Quebec Line 9 action camp.

Small world, isn’t it? But, at least one thing is different in Quebec, the police arrested the occupiers there…

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