#BurnabyMountain Unmasked Part III: Preview, ForestEthics & WaterWealth Charts

#BurnabyMountain Unmasked Part III will focus on NGOs involved in the mayhem, with a special focus on ForestEthics, the Council of Canadians, and the WaterWealth Project. The above chart is for ForestEthics, and is a work in progress. It will continue to be updated over the next few days- watch it live!

Selection_737ForestEthics already seems to be losing their cool- are they worried about what will be disclosed? It’s a silly comment anyhow, as I’m not a neo-con, and I am a¬†Hollyhocker (lived there for a month). lol

There’s also a chart for WaterWealth (another work in progress) you can see below. Both charts will be moved to their own page as they grow…

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    • Fritz Becker on December 11, 2014 at 01:01
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    The lefties seem to like throwing the term “Neocon” around, even in Canada where it isn’t relevant and they probably don’t even understand what it means. In the U.S, where the term originated, it was a pejorative term for a Jewish person who reached a revelation, and decided to leave the Left and or the Democratic party, like David Horowitz for example. This presupposes that the natural order of things in the U.S is that every Jewish person is supposed to be on the Left and or a Democrat. So in Canada, where the census statistics show that there is something along the lines of maybe 300,000 people of Jewish extraction, out of 35 million it’s highly unlikely that someone could be a “Neocon” or “Neo Conservative”. But this is to be expected from organizations run by and funded by Yankees in that they would assume that Canada is exactly like the U.S, except for the Queen, and the “Single Payer” healthcare.

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