Occupy Toronto Anti-Pipeline Racists March On Kathleen Wynne’s Front Driveway! (Feat. Davin Ouimet)

Carrie Lester, Cathy Walker, Davin Ouimet prepare to march...

Carrie Lester, Cathy Walker, Davin Ouimet prepare to march…

It’s been a while since this site has covered Occupy Toronto’s favourite husband and wife racists. Davin Ouimet (a.k.a. Reverend Davin Ouimet, a.k.a. Hereditary Chief Davyn Calfchild) is most famous for his copycat 2013 attempt to interrupt Toronto’s Remembrance Day ceremony, mirroring Maoist nutbar occupier Julian Ichim’s attempt to do the same in 2014. But when not desecrating the memories of brave soldiers who died fighting for our country, Ouimet often shows a darker side- hating on people of colour, Mexicans, Jews, Italians, whites and Chinese.

Ouimet was accompanied by his equally controversial wife Cathy Walker, and con-artist Kevin Annett’s greatest supporter (and TDSB schoolteacher) Carrie Lester. Walker has also been seen mimicking Chinese people, but her real hate appears to be for Jews. In 2014 she declared to the world that “Islamic group [sic] need to start taking Hollywood away” from them. In the summer of 2013 Ouimet, Walker and Lester took part in the infamous violent, racist, anti-semitic, and hate filled Occupy Livestream broadcast were “Taliban Billy” threatened to kill white people and “tear the f##king heads off” of “33rd degree masons”.

Despite their overt racism, hate, and other questionable parts of their character; NGO and union led professional protesters often use Davin, Cathy and Carrie to help give their campaigns “indigenous cred”. The trio are so deeply entrenched on Toronto’s radical community they were featured on an anti Line 9 white paper that was sponsored by several Toronto city councillors. On Sunday they helped lead a curiously familiar protest against Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Miscreants blocked by the police from entering Wynne's driveway...

Miscreants blocked by the police from entering Wynne’s driveway…

The event was organized by Nicky Young, a Toronto based skateboard and contributor to the activist friendly online webzine Vice.com. The event’s Facebook page said that about 75 people signed-up, but it only appears that a dozen showed up. They were joined by Zach Ruiter, another of Toronto’s most distasteful activists who’s recently been contributing to NOW Magazine.

The protest’s focus was to criticise Kathleen Wynne’s position on the Energy East pipeline- an upcoming battle that will soon be escalated by the trio’s NGO and union sponsored friends who led the fight against Line 9. They made their way to Wynne’s house blocking traffic while marching down a major Toronto artery (yes, all dozen of them).

Mimicking Ontario Federation of Labour leader (and Occupy Toronto patron) Sid Ryan’s attacks, the protesters accused Wynne of “flip flopping” and handed her flip flop shaped signs. If it weren’t for their consistent claims to be grassroots, one would think these guys were working for Uncle Sid himself (whose protests this crowd attends religiously).

Uncle Sid would be union proud!

Uncle Sid would be union proud!

Labour movement / NGO supported AstroTurf, or just obnoxious assholes? You be the judge… (Now Magazine’s Zach Ruiter is the guy with the yellow flag)

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