NDP Toronto-Centre Candidate Donates To Violent Anarchist Group! (Feat Linda McQuaig)

John Clarke of OCAP (right) with Linda McQuaig

John Clarke of OCAP (left) with Linda McQuaig

The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) is one of Toronto’s most violence-prone activists groups. OCAP was one of the primary leaders of the violence that resulted in smashed windows and set police cars during the 2010 G20. OCAP’s leader John Clarke is one of the few people in the history of Canada ever to be accused of inciting a riot (during the extreme violence at Queens Park in 2000).

I’ve personally been assaulted four times while covering OCAP events. The scariest was in 2013 when their members egged on a woman with a learning disability who eventually came after and tried to stab me with a shank. At a February, 2013 protest in City Hall OCAP member Gaétan Héroux tried to use force to push me out of the building (in front of half a dozen TV cameras)- City Hall security ignored his wishes, Clarke was grilled on the stand by the Crown for this behaviour when he appeared in court to answer for his crimes.

Put simply, in my four years studying the dirtiest corners of Canadian activism, I’ve never seen a more disgraceful group of people than OCAP. So when I learned that a Toronto NDP candidate donated to their cause – despite what I already know about the NDP – I was a little bit shocked.

Classy Linda, classy...

Classy Linda, classy…

Three months ago OCAP setup a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for their 2015 campaigns. Reflective of how many Torontonians are aware of OCAP’s despicable practices, only 31 people have donated a (pitiful) total of $1,610 of the $6,000 they were hoping to raise.

Looking through the list of donors I noticed (see above screenshot) that the NDP’s Toronto-Centre candidate Linda McQuaig donated $50 with a message cheering on the violent thugs saying “Keep up the fight!”. Considering OCAP’s violent history, and the shame they’ve brought to the city of Toronto, it’s outright despicable she chose to give them money. Way to go Linda, you’re such a (crap) role model for Toronto’s kids!

I’ll leave you with a video of OCAP’s Queens Park riot, keep an eye out for the jerks throwing Molotov Cocktails- and be sure to send the NDP a note that it’s time to boot McQuaig…

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  1. Don’t get her kicked out! Leave right where she is to continue her good work reinforcing the NDP brand…

    1. Good point!

      1. Yes! Never ever interrupt your enemies when they are making major (or minor) mistakes!

  2. Well done Mr. Renouf. I applaud your principled reporting. Ms. McQuaig is not really out of the fold for the NDP, she just talks without holding to the party line, although it is in fact the party line (you know, the hidden agenda)

    • Well Done on August 22, 2015 at 09:24
    • Reply

    There’s a reason some people call the NDP “knee deepers”. It’s not just a play on phonetic “NDP”; the NDP are the union party. Not a big deal except they deny that. The NDP are informed by hard left academics. Not a big deal except they insist otherwise. The NDP feature a lot of young people still in University… steeped in Marxist thought… used to visit Cuba to help with the sugar cane harvest… admirers of Venezuela’s Chavez. Note Chavez’ wife is worth over $1 billion. Geez that socialism sure creates a lot of wealth – at the very TOP of the pyramid.

    • Fritz Becker on September 4, 2015 at 04:21
    • Reply

    I really have to wonder if the NDP, or the candidates and members of same, are really that lacking in self awareness or if they actually think that the public is on side with this nonsense? One of the members of the new NDP government in Alberta was on tape delivering love sonnets to Hugo Chavez, the deceased Marxist dictator and Castro puppet of Venezuela, though the leadership was at least smart enough to keep him on the back benches.
    I’ve known about Linda McQuaig since the mid 1990s when she published a book called “Shooting the Hippo” which was a reality challenged and conspiracy ridden rant against tackling public deficits and debt. But then again, aside from arguably Tommy Douglas’ government in Saskatchewan , most of the Canadian left, and especially the far left, has been as delusional as the Greeks when it comes to public finances. For her to donate $50 to a far left group of thugs and think that was socially acceptable does no surprise me. The scarry part is that Linda McQuaig is still less of an airhead then Christia Freeland, the current M.P for Toronto Center, who is Justin Trudeau’s economic adviser.

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