7 Reasons The NDP Is Creepier Than You Think (Feat. Mulcair, Davies (x2), Eby & Layton)



NDP anarchist front group Shit Harper Did (SHD) launched a dirty tricks campaign against the Conservative government recently, going all Stephanie Guthrie on their ass labelling them as ‘creepy’. So far most of the content hasn’t proven the Cons are creepy (the above cookie is one example), but they do provide 7 pages that show the reader the word creep or creepy 15 times. It’s a kind of subliminal advertising.

It would be easy to turn this around and talk about all the ways SHD is creepy. One could start with spokesperson Brigette DePape’s well practised plasticine smile. Or, on a more serious note, it’s incredibly creepy how Harsha Walia, one of Canada’s most prominent promoters of political violence, is on their board of directors. It’s also rather creepy to see how close they are with the people who’ve hijacked Idle No More from its founders.

Instead, Your Humble Narrator has decided to turn the article around and give seven examples of how the NDP is creepier than you think (while mentioning the word ‘creep’ or ‘creepy’ 58 times, let’s see if SHD can beat that!).

1: Thomas Mulcair Is F#%king Creepy, Pass It On…

The NDP's David Eby & Thomas Mulcair at Joel Solomon's condo...

The NDP’s David Eby & Thomas Mulcair at Joel Solomon’s condo…

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair is a angry little guy who presents himself as a man of people while arrogantly attacking hard working people when he’s inconvenienced by their doing their jobs. But we’re not here today to talk about Mulcair’s bad manners towards women, there’s much creepier than that- something even creepier than his creepy beard.

One thing that sticks out is Mulcair’s, and many other NDP member’s, deep connections with Canada’s US funded NGOs. These are groups are funded and influenced by American industrialist billionaires who have spent 100’s of millions of dollars trying to influence Canadian policy- their NDP lap dogs tell us we should have no reason to worry about these powerful outside influences.

The creepiest of these groups is TIDES Canada, an American founded NGO whose operations help obscurify which American billionaire and/or foundation donated to which cause. Much of the money comes from the riches of old-time oil barons, some comes from a foundation that once funded a Nazi eugenics school. TIDES Canada is led by Joel Solomon, an American who comes from a family with deep roots in the Democratic party (his sister Linda came to Canada and lied about being nominated for a Pulitzer, creepy!). TIDES has funded and supported groups connected to the recent re-emergence of political violence.

Most leaders of political parties would know better than to make personal appearances at the private home of a foreign lobbyist- not Thomas Mulcair, that’s exactly what he did campaigning during the last BC Election! He and now MLA David Eby both gave private speeches at Joel Solomon’s spacious water view condo in downtown Vancouver. Who gets that kind of access? Not the average schmoe, that’s for sure.

If it’s not creepy enough watching a party leader do house calls for representatives of American billionaires, here’s a bonus creep. Solomon’s TIDES Canada funds a far-out new age cult compound on Cortes Island BC. Hollyhock’s schedule mixes plastic shaman, meditation, sex retreats, kids programs- and training weekends where they bring together other US billionaire funded activists to make plans how to exert influence on Canadian policy.

Thomas Mulcair, how f#%king creepy is that!

2: Libby Davies Is F#%king Creepy, Pass It On…

Ann Livingston (on the left) poverty pimping it with Libby Davies...

Libby Davies (on right) at the notorious Vancouver Drug Users Union

Libby Davies has been the NDP’s Member of Parliament for Vancouver-East since 2007. Davies has been sucking the political marrow out of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside since long before that- cutting her teeth in the poverty pimp industry in the neighbourhood that created the concept of the poverty pimp.

What’s more creepy than pimping off of the poor?

Well, it gets worse. Libby Davies was one of the founders of the notorious Downtown Eastside Resident’s Association (DERA), a scandalous organization with close ties to people conducting political violence (the Anti-Poverty Committee). DERA was shut-down after a financial scandal where the directors were accused of mishandling public money (much like DERA’s offspring Portland Housing Society).

If it’s not creepy enough to know a sitting Member of Parliament has connections with such a nefarious organization, let’s turn things up a bit. A debate was called after the 2010 Olympics to discuss the validity of the protester’s use of violence- it was sponsored by Rabble.ca, a publication that openly advocates for people who promote violence (Davies’ partner is the editor- creepy!).

It was during this debate that Harsha Walia made her infamous speech about how the movement should be “about breaking windows, and not about breaking windows”- she also proclaimed people who street fight with the police to be “deeply heroic”. The crowd was filled with people who promote violence, and they cheered Walia throughout her diatribe- über creepy! Even more creepy was that Davies sat there and didn’t say a word to stop the madness.

Libby Davies, how f#%king creepy is that!


3: Don Davies Is F#%king Creepy, Pass It On…

Don Davies promotes No One Is Illegal- creepy!

Don Davies promotes No One Is Illegal- creepy!

Harsha Walia is the leader of No One Is Illegal Vancouver, an anarchist group that unabashedly promotes the use of political violence. NoII Vancouver is an offshoot of the Anti-Poverty Committee connected to Libby Davies’ DERA. Violence during the 2010 Olympics was led by the APC.

So, considering Walia & NoII’s history, wouldn’t it be creepy to learn that a sitting Member of Parliament showed up to one of their events? Well, it happened, in this case it was Don Davies, the NDP’s representative for Vancouver-Kingsway. To make things even creepier, Davies tweeted out one of NoII’s signs in celebration!

Don Davies, how f#%king creepy is that!

4: David Eby Is F%#king Creepy, Pass It On…

BCNDP MLA David Eby with Harsha Walia

BC NDP MLA David Eby looking creepy with creepmeister Harsha Walia

We covered David Eby a little in the Thomas Mulcair creepiness, but there’s much more creep to talk about with Dave. First, there’s the personal level stuff like the hypocrisy of how he tweets complaints about inadequate airport wine while the poor he claims to support are dying from poisonous rice wine. That’s creepy, but it gets much worse than that.

During the Olympics, when Eby was head of the BC Civil Liberties association, he created a special team of “Legal Observers” to track the police and make sure they don’t misbehave towards protesters. The observers showed-up on the first day of protest and did their job- but the next day, when violence was planned (and the whole community knew it was) Eby quietly withdrew his observers. The word on the street is that Eby was ask to do this so the Observers couldn’t be used to testify against violent protesters. Eby has refused to explain his behaviour.

David Eby, how f#%king creepy is that!

6: LeadNow.ca Is F#%king Creepy, Pass It On…

Jamie Biggar of Leadnow.ca is a creepy man...

Jamie Biggar of Leadnow.ca is f#%ing creepy

For a change of pace, let’s shift gears and look at another über creepy NDP front group. Leadnow.ca is modelled on the US Democratic party’s front group Moveon.org. They play a similar role to Shit Harper Does, leading protests and ‘awareness’ activities, only with less f#%king swearing and a more professional approach. But don’t let that NDP apparatchik sheen fool you- Leadnow’s creepiness is truly world class.

Leadnow was one of the key players in the “Robocall” rallies after the Pierre Poutine scandal emerged in 2012. The Vancouver rally was led by people connected to Occupy, the Toronto rally was (led in part) by notorious cop baiter Derek Soberal- Leadnow helped with both.

At the Toronto Rally Leadnow’s Mathew Carroll called for a “Canadian Spring” in reaction to the alleged scandal. Once he was finished with his call on the public to commit treason, Carroll next introduced an Coptic man named Sherif Azir who was an actual participant in the Egyptian revolution! If you think that’s bad, the next thing the creepy Coptic did was to call for a “New World Order”, creepy creep creep!

Things got creepy at the Vancouver rally too. Libby Davies spoke, as did Sean Devlin of Shit Harper Did. Then came Leadnow leader Jamie Biggar who stood up and demanded that Canada immediately hold a new election- remember, this was even before an investigation had been held! To his credit, in an interview with Your Humble Narrator a few days later, Biggar apologized for being overzealous (calling for the overthrow of the government).

Jamie Biggar, how f#%king creepy is that!

7: Jack Layton Was F#%king Creepy, Pass It On…

Jack Layton speaking at a (violent) "anti-fascist" rally in Toronto...

Jack Layton speaking at a (violent) “anti-fascist” rally in Toronto…

It would be easy to take the low route when covering Jack Layton’s creepiness- the fact he was a dirty old man who visited bawdy houses is creepy in and of itself! But, there’s something that was a lot more creepy about old Jack than that- he had some rather strange bedfellows (besides the ones he met at the rub & tugs).

Back in the early-mid 1990’s a group of anarchists formed a vigilante group in Toronto called Anti-Racist Action. Their tactics were a lot like the neo-Nazis have taken in the Ukraine; they’d mask up, smashing things, and intimidate people they deemed ‘unacceptable’. Creepy stuff, with creepy people like Andy Lehrer.

The picture of Jack Layton above comes from an ARA rally in front of the house of Ernest Zundel, a few days later someone fire bombed Zundel’s house. Not only did Layton attend with the mob of vigilantes, but he even grabbed a megaphone and made a speech!

Jack Layton, what could be more f#%king creepy than that!

Notice the sign on the left saying "Burn Zundel Down!"

Notice the sign on the left saying “Burn Zundel Down!”

Perhaps a picture of NDP MP Olivia Chow with notable homophobe Zafar Bangash?


Olivia Chow Is F#%king Creepy!


The NDP’s links with people who practice and promote violence as creepy as creepy can get- dangerous too. Lots of this negative energy comes from their base of support from the militant unions. Just as creepy is the support they get from the foreign funded ENGOs, Joel Solomon has more political power than thousands of Canadian voters combined.

That’s just f#%king creepy…

p.s. If you checked out SHD’s website, you’ll notice they’re using their “creep” campaign as a way to raise some money- the donate button is prominently displayed. It takes a lot of time and hard work to create online content. If you appreciate this article, Your Humble Narrator would be very appreciative of you can take a couple of minutes and shoot over a donation (scroll up: the donation button is at the top right of this page).

Thanks :)

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  1. Different laws, different rules, different treatment, different outcome – for liberals times two if they’re rich. The kennedys are rich and uber liberal therefore laws and rules that they advocate for everyone else don’t apply to them.

    1. I don’t support any political party, they’re all creepy in their own way…

        • PEPE on February 27, 2014 at 12:50
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        I only support fringe parties. Like the Freedom Party :P

    • CaligulaJones on February 27, 2014 at 11:40
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    Quick, send that Olivia Chow/Zafar Bangash pic over to Warren Kinsella, king of the “one degree of separation” smear technique…

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