TIDES Canada, The Rockefeller Foundation & Nazi Eugenics… (Feat. Josef Mengele & Sandy Garossino)

Rockefeller: Naah, this guy doesn’t look scary!

In 1927, as Germany’s Nazi party was beginning to rise-up, the Rockefeller Institute helped fund the opening of the Berlin based Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics.  The Institute was a bit like TIDES Canada- they mixed high level people in government & industry with well connected lobbyists who were furthering what they believed to be a good cause- strange bedfellows.

There’s nothing wrong with that- right? Well, there were some pretty messed-up people working at Keiser Wilhelm:

  • Eugen Fischer, whose research was responsible for the decision to sterilize children to prevent Rhineland Bastards (mixed race people) from polluting German bloodlines.
  • Otmar Freiherr von Verschuer was a Nazi who researched on twins, studied racial hygiene, and led sterilization efforts in the city of Frankfurt.
  • Karin Magnussen who published “Race and Population Policy Tools”. She also had a fascination with studying eyes- using iris specimens from Auschwitz.
  • Josef Mengele, who we all know was the Nazi responsible for experiments on humans at Auschwitz. He’s the guy who gave the iris samples to Magnussen.

Rockefeller felt this institute was so important that they boosted their funding during some hard times. The Nazi party felt Kaiser Wilhem was so important that it was the only institute that they labelled as being important for the wartime economy. This was the heart of the Nazi’s ethnic cleaning programs- where they classified Jews, Roma, handicapped, people of colour and the mentally ill before carting them away.

Does this mean that today’s Rockefeller Foundation is planning to build a master race? Of course not. That said, they’ve never stopped trying to mould the planet into their perception of the perfect world.

This raises many (fair) questions:

  • What’s their perception of the perfect world?
  • Is this aligned with the needs of all Canadians?
  • Who benefits & who loses from the final outcome?
  • Are they drowning out the voices of ordinary Canadians?

Do you know the answers to all of these questions? Well, then you either work for one of these foundations, or you are very close to this issue. Many Canadians aren’t even aware of their existence- those who know of them often have a hard time describing their mission. People who are unhappy with their lack of transparency call them ‘money launderers’. Others are uncomfortable with their close connections to US agencies who’ve been accused of espionage.

Let’s just assume, for a moment, that all of these questions can be answered in a way that will satisfy the majority of Canadians- what then? Well, that’s my purpose for going all Godwin’s Law on you today. What Rockefeller’s affair with  Josef Mengele has taught us is that the Rockefellers can be wrong (as can all of the others). In the best-case scenario these foundations aren’t the second coming of Jose Jesus Miranda– they’ve been wrong in the past. In the worst case they could be planning a mass culling of humanity- or, at least, those who they deem undesirable.

Sandy Garossino (when not praising Warren Buffett) likes to accuse people who dare to ask questions of wearing tinfoil hats. What she’s saying is the height of irresponsibility- we need to question any & all organizations whose goal is to restructure our lives. We need to demand 110% transparency. This applies as much to TIDES as it does to the Fraser Institute.

End Note: No, I didn’t enact Godwin’s Law. Godwin’s statement says “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving..”- this isn’t a comparison, the Rockefeller Foundation was actually working with the Nazis. And, no, I’m not comparing Garossino to the Nazi’s- she’s one of the people on the sidelines who were too greedy/scared to ask critical questions…

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