Updated: How The Activistocrats Are Ganging-Up On We Are Change Victoria (feat. Zoe Blunt & @Raincoaster)

Zoe Blunt- Wannabe eco-terrorist & bully…

Update 1: This is interesting, Sean Orr of Scout Magazine has taken down his article that had a link to Zoe Blunt’s website- only minutes after I posted this article! Anyhow, here’s a cached copy of the article. And, it’s good to know they are getting nervous from the exposure. Fortunately, they only make it more obvious what they are up to when they do stuff like this…

Update 2: The story has been put back-up again– this time without the link to Zoe Blunt’s article about Ryan Elson. There can be no doubt now that they took it down because of this story. It’s a shame they weren’t honourable enough  to publish a retraction…


I wrote about the problems at Occupy Victoria last week. Very early on in it’s evolution OV split into two factions. One side consisted of the Activistocrats, a group of professional activists who came from lefty environmental movements. The other side are We Are Change, a group of activists connected to the Truth Movement. I noticed the same situation at Occupy Vancouver between those two groups- only, it didn’t come to a head so quickly in Vancouver…

Things got ugly recently when the members of WAC setup what they called a “Solutions Rally” a few days before Blunt’s rally against Enbridge’s pipeline. Blunt and her crew showed-up at WAC’s rally and tried to interrupt it by chanting unproven accusations that they are all racists. Later, they created a website and ‘outed’ a gay member of WAC- completely disgusting behaviour. This sort of attack is typical of how the Activistocrats operate- I’ve experienced the same myself.

Now, a few days later, it’s interesting to watch Blunt’s allies rallying around her and trying to cover-up for her bad behaviour. It’s particularly interesting to see how many of the same characters have been involved as in attacks I’ve seen on me, and others.

First, there’s the website that was setup- it was made by Michael Madlove, a member of Occupy Vancouver who’s best friends have even told me is one of the dirtiest players on the activist scene. This guy is a real piece of work.

I did some more research into Blunt’s outright slander and have noticed a couple of familiar players have come into the story. To get started, let me share a screenshot of a Twitter message with you:

Yep, Lorraine Murphy (a.k.a. Raincoaster) has joined-in on spreading the muck. Murphy was instrumental to the attacks on me back at Occupy Vancouver. She teaches people how to use Social Media, so she’s as powerful weapon of the NDP Activistocrats. So much to the point that she think’s David Eby is a saint.

My next discovery was that Franklin Lopez (“The Stimulator”) joined in on the attack- reposting one of Blunt’s undocumented attacks on Ryan Elson of WAC. Lopez is the guy who makes videos promoting Black Bloc street violence. He’s also the guy who made end:civ, a movie (with Zoe Blunt) promoting the eco-terrorist wannabes (all talk, no bite) from the Deep Green Resistance.

Lopez threatened to to do a show about me back at Occupy Vancouver, but he never produced. He did do a number of hit pieces about Derrick O’Keefe after he spoke-out about the violence at the 2010 Olympics. The funny thing about Lopez is that he keeps calling Canada a dictatorship- but, if he were in a real dictatorship, he’d no doubt be in prison by now. The stuff he produces promotes violence and hate in a way I’ve seldom seen before.

The last interesting link I found was from Vancouver’s Scout Magazine where Sean Orr promoted Blunt’s article about Ryan Elson. Orr has previously covered me in his column, after I wrote an article about how Irwin Oostinde ran sadomasochistic parties at the W2 Media Centre. They’ve erased the comments from that page now- but, Orr apologized to me after finally he understood that W2 is funded by the City of Vancouver.

The good news here is that, the more often they play these tricks, the less effective they are. Too many people are watching the Activistocrats now, and recording their antics to protect future people from being hurt. The old Curtis Nixon style sexist, racist, anti-gay attacks aren’t working any longer- we all know the script, and the players. Time to come-up with some better materials guys.

Try using ‘truth’, it may be a painful transition, but you will be making a better world if you do it…

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