Updated: John Carten (WaterWarCrimes.com) Flunks The Kevin Annett Litmus Test®

Kevin Annett’s Dad – William S Annett

Update: Bill Annett has written to Lydia White Calf telling her that there is another William S Annett who is his son and works for a pharmaceutical company in San Francisco. This may, or may not be true- from my experience with the Annett’s, they are not reliable sources…


One of the most wacky, but intriguing, websites I’ve come across in Canada is WaterWarCrimes.com. Most people think that John Carten (who runs the site) is simply batshit crazy. It’s easy to assume this at first, because the accusations Carten makes are rather out-of-this-world. He believes there’s an ongoing conspiracy to kill judges and politicians. For example, today, he’s speculating that the Queen may be in the process of being murdered.

If Carten’s spy-novel styled articles don’t leave you giggling, the audio recording on his site (that plays automatically) will probably do it for you. Besides the over-dramatization of what he says- he regularly takes a break to play the sound of bubbling bong water. Honestly, Carten’s website is one of the most bizarre I’ve ever seen…

I wrote about Carten a few months ago, when I was investigating the connection between Kevin Annett’s father/co-conspirator Bill Annett, and his relationship with a company that is pivotal to Carten’s theories- Western Canada Water Company (WCW). It’s Carten’s theory that WCW was given an exclusive contract to sell BC drinking water as part of a conspiracy that goes to the highest levels of government. This is what first piqued my interest about Carten’s work.

So, I did some research, I dug very deep, and found a connection between William Annett and WCW. I found the connection on the British Columbia Supreme court records database. Here’s a screenshot from the original document:

It seemed like I had the right man, and Carten & Annett have confirmed it was his family’s company- but, I wanted to make sure. So, I did some searching, and found a link on Kevin’s website where he asked people to sent money to Bill’s trailer park in North Florida. Here’s a screenshot:

Anyhow, let’s get back to John Carten- the subject of the day, and quite an interesting development in the story. On Sunday he published a story on the Salem-News, a rag that publishes whatever BS Kevin & Bill Annett write. I’ve written to the editor there, and he has ignored all of the evidence that’s been gathered about Annett- including the fact  Annett’s been caught forging signatures. This publications has about as much credibility as Iran’s PressTV.

His article is titled Kevin Annett and Bill Annett Are OK in My Book– what book is that, the DSM-IV?

The first issue that Carten covers is to contradict my claim that William Annett was involved with WCW. But, this directly contradicts the fact that William is listed on three separate lawsuits with WCW and outside organiations (KAISER RESOURCES LTD v. WCW, Rain Coast Water Corp. v. British Columbia & EDGAR F. KAISER v. William S & Margaret Annett). Is that not sufficient evidence John? Or, do you think that there are two William S Annett’s in the family? I’m open to that- but, it would need some explanation behind it.

The last paragraph in the article is a logical fallacy Carten used that’s so transparent it must be made out of optical quality glass. I’ve pasted the whole paragraph for your reading pleasure:

“…Kevin was one of the few people in British Columbia in the 1990’s with the courage to go public with concerns about a pedofile group operating in the judiciary. Eventually, the police and crown were forced to lay charges and, finally, at least one judge went to jail for 7 years where he died. About ten years later, intrepid child abuse investigator Rob Nicholson and I managed to expose another pervert on the bench who had a reputation for doing kids as young as six and he committed suicide rather that face a long term in jail.”

I’m not sure what’s going on in Carten’s mind. Perhaps he’s just dim- or, perhaps he’s intentionally trying to be apologetic for Annett to cover something up. Regardless of his intention, that Kevin had a lot of focus on pefofiles in the past has nothing to do with the fact that he’s stolen the stories of countless Residential School Survivors and took the money of many sympathetic people based on his lies.

There’s another interesting, and timely, angle to this tale. A story came out in the Vancouver Province last week stating that the Rain Coast Water Corporation (from Rain Coast Water Corp. v. British Columbia) has filed another lawsuit against the province claiming that the deal with WCW was not legal.

This is interesting timing, isn’t it? Could this be why Carten has decided to stand-out and make a statement about Annett? There’s something fishy going on here, and I am determined to get to the bottom of it.

On a side note, I have a cache of documents from Rain Coast Water- including court filings, police filings and letters. I will be publishing them here on this site in the next couple of days. I welcome all my fellow researchers to join me and dig into the meat of the documents. My Spidey Senses are telling me there’s something more to his story than meets the eyes…

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  1. According to the Kaiser and Raincoast court docs… William S Annett is listed as Margaret’s son…. what do you make of it, Greg?

    1. I thought that Margaret was Kevin’s grandmother – but still haven’t proven this 100%. If anyone could help with this it would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Margaret Annett – his mother – was present for his hearing…in 1994, as stated by the United Church doc…(Again , “Annet’s MOTHER, MARGARET ANNETT…”)…I do think both father and son are William S. Annett…unfortunately. But we are dealing with 5 people here…MR. & Mrs….and 3 grown children.Bill claims his son took the company ‘PUBLIC’ in 1985…in the private mail to Heather and me last Saturday…when the SHTF in all our private lives (Heather Royce and me). I will send a copy of Bill’s mail that followed Carten’s mail to Heather and me…If he took the company public in 1985, on the Vancouver Exchange, then that is felony, and we have proof that is indeed the case…It’s seems Margaret’s position with the company is somewhat under protection…all the way through…by the very insiders that gave the political preferential treatment that was so highly illegal all along. These high level illegaities, that break International law, Candian law, US law, and the laws of British Columbia are what lead me to have serious questions about why Bill Annett resides in the US, the determined refusal on Kevin’s part to take donations in his own name (which may or may not have to do with family political skeletons, some fresh), and Carten’s bizarre act to cover for his enemies, techincally, the Annett family as of last week. Alot of strange raw nerves here, Greg.

  3. From: Bill Annett
    (Omitting 14 parties and their emails this was forwarded to, including Heather and myself)
    Subject: Your continuing abuse

    I’ve had just about enough of your libelous nonsense, prompted either by your own fantasies or your employment by one or other of the 34 perps currently being summoned to answer for crimes against humanity. If I hear any more of this abusive maundering concerning either Kevin or me, I’ll repeat this email message to my regular distribution, which includes the Canadian media, the churches of Canada, 400-odd Members of Parliament and all the ships at sea..

    First of all, let me set you straight about your continuing refrain regarding Ms Lydia Biddle, a former aristocratic New England heiress, discarded by her wealthy New England family because from their point of view she had married beneath her station in life, to wit, a native man who happens to be a battle-scarred warrior of the A.I.M. wars and who is far more worthy than her former decadent family. She has made a career out of playing on Royce White Calf’s name and posing as a sort of Pocahontas princess. As far back as 1998, she and Royce had generously supported Kevin’s work, including acting as judges at the first Tribunal Kevin and Harriet Nehanee organized in Vancouver. While they did indeed contribute financially to his work, the figure $120,000 – or indeed $150,000, as it has ballooned out to in the most recent dispatch – is delusionary, since Lydia never had anything like that kind of money until two years ago when she inherited 200 grand from her alcoholic father. At that point, rather than give it to Kevin, she mounted a major expedition to darkest Ireland, equipped with a cameraman, her two sons and a governess, which at some point became a mission to discredit Kevin, prompted either by insane resentment at his receiving so much attention while she was spending all the money, or perhaps because she was being pieced out by person(s) unknown. And there is demonstrably quite a few of those to choose from.

    As for your fantasy concerning Western Canada Water, my oldest son – who goes by the same name as me – took this company public in Vancouver about 30 years ago, eventually listing it on NASDAQ. Neither Kevin nor I have ever had anything to do with this company, nor have we ever owned a single share in it, for the simple reason that I have neither spoken to nor had any contact with my oldest son in 25 years. He is currently vice-president of a major pharmaceutical company in San Francisco, and I suggest that should you care to continue your faulty fact-finding with him, he will not be as tolerant of your misplaced libelous ranting as I am. So be my guest, and be sure to take a good attorney with you.

    Concerning your revelation that Miss Biddle has been exploring my banking situation, this may account for the fact that some months ago, following the hacking of my email account, the fraud division of my bank informed me that they had uncovered an attempt bu someone to defraud me by the attempt to pass three very large checks. They of course closed that account and are conducting an ongoing investigation. I’m sure that when I report all of your names and your inquisitive interest in what is simply none of your gawddam business, I’m sure the fraud division will be in touch with you.

    I don’t know – or care – whether any or all of you are acting on your own, for God knows what scurrilous reason, or whether you are just bird-dogging for the many personal and institutional enemies that Kevin has acquired in 20 years of seeking truth instead of the compensation so dear to the hearts of some of his most unhinged critics. Such as that earnest paralegal humanitarian Ken Bear Chief, whose concern for his people comes a close second to the 40% he earns for his firm with each class action.

    Dream on, or drop dead – just don’t bore me further with your not very creative drivel.

    Bill Annett

      • sheray on November 9, 2012 at 13:29
      • Reply

      “dream on, or drop dead- just don’t bore me further…” Indeed the words of a truly evil person who is incapable of redemption. Neither Kevin or William will be ever be able to live without the need to control and use others through deceit.

        • Ken Bear Chief on November 12, 2012 at 16:13
        • Reply

        I was asked a question about the BIG LIE, and about those who practice this technique; which KEVIN ANNETT/Bill Annett have mastered, and used in their manipulations as con men. Kevin Annett is a Marxist and has a degree in Political Science and probably studied Facism while in college. Let me tell you how it works:
        “in the big lie there is always a certain force of credibility; because the broad masses of a nation are always more easily corrupted in the deeper strata of their emotional nature than consciously or voluntarily; and thus in the primitive simplicity of their minds they more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods. It would never come into their heads to fabricate colossal untruths, and they would not believe that others could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously. Even though the facts which prove this to be so may be brought clearly to their minds, they will still doubt and waver and will continue to think that there may be some other explanation. For the grossly impudent lie always leaves traces behind it, even after it has been nailed down, a fact which is known to all expert liars in this world and to all who conspire together in the art of lying.”
        ….That said, I am dealing with someone, Kevin Annett who is a supreme practitioner of this principle. For the past 20 years he has told lie upon lie, made promises after promises; (For a fact, Kevin Annett has never been found to have done one credible thing in Canada on behalf of the First Nations suvivors of the Residential School experience, nor for the FN children who are those among the dead or missing). Kevin Annett just continues to lie, promise, and dangle the carrot out there making one ridiculous claim after another to persuade his followers or believers to coontinue support him or to fund him ad naueum. KEN BEAR CHIEF – WUS’NATHA.

        1. Wow. That’s probably the best explanation for Kevin Annett I’ve seen- I’m impressed, thanks for sharing…

  4. I’m quite sure the insistance to avoid using my real name, and they know dam well what my real name is…comes with a fear of legal slander, for which there is an obvious case. When and if I act on that obvious legal position I have depends on the changing tides of strategy. Notice also Bill claims his son took the company public 30 years ago, and contact broken 25 years ago…What happened? There is where we should look for some answers..in those 5 years. The madness and lies about the bank account…beyond being sad for an old old man to behave this way, is fear. FEAR OF WHAT ?? Finally..some links…


    http://www.waterwarcrimes.com/wcw-western-canada-water-enterprises-ltd.html (please note letter to Mr. Carten from John R Deloreto, US Attorney, regarding the grave criminal behavior of Margaret Annett)



  5. 12 dead judges all involved in one lawsuit is no co-incidence.

    Do the statistical analysis, Mr Renouf.

    Sure, some died of natural causes but some were certainly murdered.

    We don’t know who is carrying out the murders and, as far as we know, neither do the police – which should be a little frighening for average Canadians who once thought the RCMP were competent.

    Why don’t you look up the information about Chief Judge Hugh Stansfield who, in our opinion, committed suicide and then contact Rob Nicholson and verify the background information and how
    we helped him put together the affidavit that destroyed Stansfield.

    It is entirely possible Stansfield was murdered because an assisted suicide is very likely in the

    The Water War Crimes web site is the most powerful web site in Canada.

    2 weeks ago we posted information that Harper was a possible assassination target and then he took armoured cars to India

    1 month ago we posted that the Boessenkool resignation was not all it appeared to be and now the mainstream media is saying exactly that .

    In May 2010 we began posting the story about how Premier Campbell was violating the Members Conflict of INterest Act in BC by paying his Mistress a salary of $150,000 to be his deputy chief of staff and six months later Campbell resigned.

    In December 2011 we reported that the Royal family were involved in the Water War Crimes and one or more of then would soon drop dead. Prince Phillip was saved 3 times this year by medical intervention and the media is now reporting the Queen is gravely ill and dying.

    The site is admittedly bizarre but bizarre stuff happens all the time and the facts cannot be denied

    Stay tuned for more

  6. WaterWarCrimes not sure what lines you are attempting to draw between Bill Annett and the dead judges… I agree that this issue is explosive… or, rather would be if the MSM covered it…

    1. Unless the comment is in code, I don’t see what bearing the WaterWarCrimes post has at all on the article Greg has written, Heather..other than to be a little defensive about it’s validity. So what is MR, WaterWarCrimes attempting to tell us, especially in highlighting how the author of the website put together an affidavit that helped DESTROY the MURDERED High Chief Judge..Stansfield.?? Who would want to be announcing something so shady?

  7. Saving children from a raging out of control paedophile, like Chief Judge Hugh Stansfield was alleged to have been, by assisting to draw the affidavit that would bring the attention of the propoer authorities to his mentally ill conduct is an act of civic responsibliity and is hardly “shady” – as ptehinsilaska suggests.

    On the other point raised, ther point of bringing the facts about Mr. Annett, senior, to Mr. Renouf’s attention is to assist Mr. Renouf to do his work by providing him with the facts.

    If Mr. Renouf wishes to check the facts, he can contact Mr. Colin Beach of West Vancouver B.C. who is currently in litigation in the Supreme Court of British Columbia against the Provincial government over its favoritism of W.C. W. Western Canada Water Enterpries Ltd.

    The mainstream cannot report this story because the MSM has been lying to the public about the issues.

    The lastest murders of Justice Layden-Stevenson in June 2012 and the alleged suicide, probable murder, of Department of Justice lawyer Eric Noel, in July 2012, are related to the case and led Prime Minister Harper to retire – read fire – the Deputy Minister of Justice, Myles Kirvan, who was responsible for the development of the legal strategy that led to the murder(s) / suicide.

    BC Premier Christy Clark has been asked to follow Harper’s example and fire the Deputy Minister Justice for BC, Richard Fyfe, who was also responsible for the flawed legal strategy the led to the deaths in question.

    So far, three weeks later, Premier Clark refuses to respond to the correspondence but don’t expect NDp leader Adrian Dix to say anything because he is implicated in obstruction of justice when he was Chief of Staff to Premier Glen Clark.

    Two resignations, Clark and Dix, are a possibility.

  8. In December 2013 Mr. Carten predicted that Mr Flaherty then the Canadian finance minister was suffering from an old Irish curse because he was covering up a murder of Justice Carolyn Layden Stevenson and he would likely die soon.

    Mr. Carten was proved correct.

    Flaherty resigned and was dead a few weeks later.

    The web site also explained about a year ago that the proposed Site C dam was going to go ahead because it was part of the resurrected NAWAPA water export project that the USA and Canada are quietly putting together.

    Two weeks ago the Canada federal government gave final approval to the project.

    So far Mr. Carten has a pretty good track record … isn’t that true, Mr. Renouf?

    1. Yeah, and Kevin Annett “predicted” he’d take-down the pope! lol

  9. Gregg, Mr. Carten has been proved right again.
    On May 12 2016 Justice Peter Leask released his decision in the
    case of Rain Coast Water Corp. vs Her Majesty the Queen in right of
    the Province of Britiish Columbia, Bill Vander Zalm and others.

    Justice Leask ruled in favour of Rain Coast Water Corp that had been involved in a 20 years long legal struggle with the British Columbia government that cheated Rain Coast Water Corp., formerly known as Aquasource Ltd., of its business opportunity in the bulk water export industry order to favour political insiders connected to the disgraced government of Premier Bill Vander Zalm.

    The findings of Justice Leask confirm and corroborate some of the key allegations that have been posted on this web site for over seven years:

    “Within 3 days the moratorium on further water licences was issued as an O.I.C. Combining this evidence with the absence of any evidence on behalf of the defendant’s denying improper conduct, I find that there was unlawful conduct directed at Sun Belt and Snowcap”.

    “On the evidence before me I find that Sun Belt and Snowcap could have brought actions for misfeasance in public office if they had suffered loss as a result of the defendant’s conduct”.

    In the absence of defence evidence to provide an innocent explanation of this timing, I infer that Cabinet, urged by the Premier and supported by Ministers Veitch and Serwa timed the initial imposition of the moratorium to assist WCW and hinder the efforts of Sun Belt, the plaintiff, and Snowcap to deal with the Goleta Water District. Based on the evidence of Ms. Katherine Crawford, which I accept, this scheme was successful in defeating the plans of Sun Belt, the plaintiff and Snowcap but unsuccessful in assisting WCW”.

    You can read the judgement online at the BC Courts web site


    So, Greg, are you going to retract your comments and apologize to John Carten now the courts have accepted his theory are correct?

    You and your readers are invited to learn more about the Water War Crimes by visiting our web site http://www.waterwarcrimes.com

    1. And this has what to do with Carton falling for Kevin Annett’s scam?

  1. […] John Carten (WaterWarCrimes.com) Flunks The Kevin Annett Litmus Test® […]

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