MediaWatch: Alex Jones Miserably Fails The Kevin Annett Litmus Test®

I was doing some research, watching a video of Kevin Annett being interviewed by Alex Jones a couple of days ago. I always knew Jones had a reputation for being off-the-wall, so I thought I’d use this interview for testing that theory- Annett is a bit of a litmus test for the media. It’s always interesting to see who falls for his crap- even more interesting to see who got over-apologetic and promoted Annett regardless of the warnings…

A lot of people fell-hard for Annett’s fraud. Some of those people were more innocent, promoting him without understanding the history behind the man. Others seem to have crossed the line, they heard about the allegations, and still supported Annett without investigating them. The worst type of Annett supporter are those who have been exposed to all of the evidence, and have decided to still promote him.

Initially, I wasn’t planning to write an article- I was going to write a private email asking for his support fixing-up this problem. Unfortunately, after watching this video, I don’t have much confidence he would want to re-visit what happened. In the best case, this video exposes that Jones has achieved his Peter Principle – in the worst case scenario, he could be actively in on the scam.

Jones starts the piece discussing an article from the Globe & Mail that discusses casualties at Canada’s residential schools. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that Jones has actually read and/or comprehended the article. It clearly states that a man named Peter Bryce was a whistleblower for problems at residential schools over 100 years ago. The article also explains how “during the early years” there was a death rate (mostly from disease) of 50%.

The problem is that Jones omits to mention that this occurred in the early years. Instead, he actually states that this death rate still occurred “in the 60’s and 70’s! Jones also stated that Annett was the first man to bring this issue to light. He wasn’t, Bryce did 100 years ago, and a number of survivors did long before Annett did- some of them even won a lawsuit.

Annett also told another whopper of a lie in the video. He stated that when Ricky Lavallee went to protest at a church during Occupy Vancouver, the Knights of Columbus got violent with the protesters and the police did nothing to protect them. That’s total hogwash, I was there, the police were right in-between the protesters and the Knights. No violence occurred that day.

Anyhow, I’m no longer uncertain what to think about Alex Jones- he totally failed the Kevin Annett Litmus Test®. Jones’s failure was only outdone by Alfred Webre- a man who strongly supported Jason Bowman’s fake court case to the point where he slandered those who crossed him.

From now on, when you listen to Alex Jones, make sure you research what he tells you…

Here’s the video I cliped together. You can click this link to see the original:

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  1. Two peas in a pod with the same modus operandi…. to inflame people, to scare people and distort the truth instead of seeking it…

  2. I swear,Bill Maher steals his material from you Renouf !!! OHLMAO…I don’t know, is there hope for humanity????

  3. Wait…. there’s a Litmus Test????

    • Guest on November 2, 2012 at 00:08
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    Alex Jones is a moron.

    1. I hope that’s all there is to the guy…

    • rraefyn on November 2, 2012 at 03:59
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    Alex Jones has been called a dis info agent by many of his former followers. He’s credited as being the first to go undercover to film the Bohemian Grove Rituals. He’s been riding the crest of that notoriety for years and has built himself a tidy empire. I believe he profits well off of his particular brand of blow hard fear mongering. He’s the King of omission. Many people in the truth movement have distanced themselves from him after catching him up in his own lies. He’s the master exaggerator who can take that tiny acorn of truth and grow it into a twisted oak. There are some credible people who still give credence to his legitimacy as a truth seeker. I have my doubts.

    • Mike on November 2, 2012 at 09:14
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    The irony of calling his site infowars is overwhelming because he says some things that are true, gets people listening, and then rattles off utter lies the majority of the time in order to keep his money making show going. His show has about 5% new content (being generous) per week and about 95% of the same old crap he spews.

    1. I agree… I’ve listened to him for about 5 years talk about the imminent collapse of the US economy…. it’s been imminent for 20 years. As well, look at who he has for guests… really hardcore ex-CIA, ex-FBI, Ex-Millitary Intelligence… He’s a gate-keeper and disinfo agent if ever there was one….

    • Tamara D. on November 2, 2012 at 12:44
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    Darn it… he got tricked :( Then again he has SO much to cover down there in the US. Stuff is happening almost constantly and he is swamped! I am a watcher of Alex Jones and I have seen times when he has been under tremendous stress. Other alternative media sites and his site tend to follow much of the same subjects that are occurring and it seems things are happening almost constantly. I haven’t found him to lie yet so I keep listening. He did make a mistake once on something that had happened in the past, he mentioned the name of a person who whad died under mysterious circumstances when in custody at the airport under security…. he confused the details of the death, but I found the article by searching the name and yes, though he’d mentioned the wrong way the person died, the person still died under very mysterious circumstances. He was quoting a rather old article and so I don’t fault him he mentioned it briefly wile talking about corruption in security, as it had to do with suffocation he’s said broken neck… similar, the death had to do with the neck. He’s still only human and prone to mistakes. I find him still credible because I was able to track the article and read it and I can see how he might have gotten that one detail mixed up over time, since it was older. It was a few years back from when he was recalling it. As long as I can track what he says, and I have been able to, I have found him to be credible within human limitations. What have people found him to be lying about? I mean purposely lying, rather than making mistakes? He says to google anything he says and if one is persistent, one can find the information he’s referring to.. I have been persistent, I’m persistent by nature at things I find important and love the Internet so I am good at searching. He seems credible to me… As for Kevin, he may not realize Kevin’s scam… other alternative groups have been scammed and tricked by Kevin before, even Occupy. Alot of people got tricked and are still being tricked, sadly.

    I say I still find him credible even though he made what I suspect was a mistake is that I realize that people CAN make mistakes, for us to expect and assume no-one ever is allowed to make mistakes just because they are in the media is very unrealistic. I have not found him to purposely lie yet, so until I find him to puposely lie I will continue to watch him and othe alternative sites… I gave kevin the benefit of the doubt, but I also gave Greg the benefit and listened to both… Greg finally proved Kevin was lying by proving he had forged signatures and lied to claim he has support from someone who had turned away from him, after they had died so now I know Kevin is a liar. I hope Alex figures that out eventually, I don’t think alot of people outside the Occupy crowd (and closely associated groups) are aware of Greg’s blog. I could be wrong, but that’s my guess. I’ve seen other sites who believe Kevin too, it’s too bad Alex got tricked :( And one other I am watching :(

    1. Well Tamara D, I would say that there is one other group who is obsessively glued to Greg Renouf’s website, because he has exposed the lead clown of the circus. Predictable cowards and clowns, but at least you all keep us laughing at unprecedented levels. It is a small circus, but tis a grand circus. ANNETT THE HEAD PRIMATE TADA !!

        • Tamara Dippel on November 2, 2012 at 23:08
        • Reply

        What groups are you referring to? Who are the cowards and clowns you are referring to? Hope you’re not laughing at me too, I mean no harm towards anybody… am trying to find out what is true and what is false. People are troubling creatures. It is hard sometimes determining who is lying and who is telling the truth and who has incorrect information… Can’t fault people for trying.

        1. Not really Tamara D…It is not hard at all to tell who is lying and who is telling the truth…For if you walk and talk the truth, it is everywhere evident around you. AND YES WE CAN FAULT PEOPLE FOR AVOIDING, COPPING OUT, DODGING, HIDING FROM TRANSPARENCY OR ANY OTHER SLIMY AND MANIPULATIVE BEHAVIORS. YOU BET WE CAN.

            • Tamara D. on November 3, 2012 at 23:38
            • Reply

            OK thanks :)

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