Do NOW Toronto Readers Support Political Violence? (Or is their Best of Toronto deeply flawed…)

No One Is Illegal leaders at the G20… (leading the Black Bloc)

An amazing thing happened this week- something that if it’s true, leaves me seriously disappointed with the people of Toronto. Why? Because, according to NOW Magazine’s 2012 Best Of Toronto poll, Torontonians believe that No One Is Illegal (NoII) is the city’s best activist organization. How can that be?

Don’t NOW readers understand how NoII support and have deep connections to the Black Bloc anarchists who have been committing acts of violence on our streets? Perhaps they never saw the video classic where NoII Vancouver’s leader not only supported violence, but promoted ‘de-arresting’ comrades.

If you don’t know this already, please have a look at that video:


When NoII’s Walia (pictured above) mentioned the phrase ‘de-arresting’, did that sound familiar? It should, that’s what Alex Hundert was arrested for after coaching the city’s anarchists to forcefully pull people away from the police if they are being arrested. Hundert is in prison for that now.

NoII is an entryist organization- meaning, they put a lot of effort into infiltrating other organizations and causes in an attempt to build their power and influence. Occupy Toronto is a great example- NoII members manipulated Occupy throughout it’s existence. When people started waking up to this fact, NoII and their anarchists executed a hostile takeover.

I’m relatively new to Toronto. As a part of getting to understand the local activist community I’ve asked many people the same, simple,. question: “What organizations have been causing problems in the community- stirring things up between people.” The answer was always wither NoII or Queers Against Israeli Apartheid. And, guess what, they’re both joined at the hip.

How about NoII’s standing on racism- they’re good in that area, right? After all, they fight for immigrant rights, NoII couldn’t possibly be promoting racist hate and violence, could they?

Well, they are. NoII is very closely tied to the Native Youth Movement- a radical indigenous group that promotes hate and violence against white people. Have a look at this video and see for yourself. Pay special attention to the chorus where they sing “take back the land, kill the white man”. Oh, and the part about whitey’s blood spurting is pretty classic too:
But, if the average NOW reader is in the dark about NoII’s ugly side, NOW’s editors and journalists must be aware- right? Let’s have a look at how NOW described NoII in their poll:

(click to expand)

Notice how the text is apologetic and promotive of NoII. Either the person who wrote this is incredibly naïve (for a journalist), or they are knowingly greasing over the fact that NoII is a racist organization that promotes the use of violence. I’m not sure which scenario is more disturbing- either way, things aren’t looking that good for NOW at the moment.

NoII is a revolutionary Trotskyist organization that promotes the use of racial division and violence- hardly Toronto’s best activist organization. NOW has some explaining to do in this situation. Because, if their ‘Best Of’ is so greatly flawed for activist organizations, you’ve got to wonder about the restaurant reviews too…

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    • Guest on November 2, 2012 at 00:45
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    Do you have any evidence that No One Is Illegal is Trotskyist?

    1. I know many of their leaders are- here’s the take on Harsha Walia:

      An interesting fact about her. Macdonald Stainsby (of Deep Green Resistance) told me that “even if she wanted to go against violence, she couldn’t”. He was explaining to me about her organization. Regardless of which “ism” they follow, they support violence- that’s what the message was…

        • Guest on November 3, 2012 at 16:24
        • Reply

        Her calling herself “Inquilab” doesn’t make her a Trotskyist. The word means “revolt” or “revolutionary” in Urdu so it can refer to any kind of radicalism.

    • rraefyn on November 2, 2012 at 03:16
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    That chant “we didn’t cross the borders, the borders crossed us” on the last video will go down in my history as one of the most irritating and ridiculous diatribes of all time. I hope I never have the displeasure of hearing that live any where or I may have to take “direct action” ;) Now magazine is a sellout piece of trash best used to line your cat’s litter box.

    1. Oh, you’re telling me. I had to endure a couple of hours of that chant when I was following their march against Jason Kenney today. My ears are still ringing from it- help!

    • The Hammer on November 3, 2012 at 14:56
    • Reply

    I would suspect that the voting was rigged. Like you said, they infiltrate other groups. I am sure they have plenty of allies at NOW.

    Not a shock they are joined at the hip with Queers Against Israeli Aptharteid. I have heard most people in this group are not even gay. That it is just and excuses for radical activists to promoted their causes at gay events like Pride. Most in the gay community want to keep their events free of politics not related to gay issues.

    Further more, they are quick to point out that this group that Israel is the only country they attack yet Israel is the only country in that region that respects euqual rights for gays. When people question them on the fact the are opposing the only country in the middle east that does not openly execute homosexuals QuAIA members go into angry activistocrat mode. They start screaming and throwing accusations around.

    1. You know, there’s one thing I may agree with QAIA, their claim of pinkwashing seems to make sense- I’m sure that’s one of the reason’s they’ve become so open there (that, and tourist dollars.) My understanding from someone I spoke with in Tel-Aviv a few years ago is that the average Israeli is not as tolerant as their country’s self-promotion would lead one to imagine they are.

      I think it’s a lot like Holland that way- tolerant when there is profit/benefit to be made, but still many people who scorn the thought of what they’ve been tolerating. I don’t believe that the average Israeli has crossed-over to acceptance yet- particularly if there was a gay person in their family. With all of the immigrants who came from less socially progressive cultures, there’s plenty of hate to go around…

  1. The good thing about having immigrants from less socially progressive cultures, is that once they come here they, and their children in particular, are exposed to a new worldview and lifestyle options that didn’t previously exist to them, and when they go back to their countries they sow the seeds of change in those countries. I totally agree with No One Is Illegal about the idea of eliminating all national borders.

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