No Wonder Harsha Walia Loves To Pimp Violence!

Yeah Dave Eby- she does seem outrageous, doesn't she!

Ever since the first day I used Twitter I’ve been amazed by its power. Not only because of its value for getting my words out to the world- but, equally, it is a wonderful tool for querying the world for information…

I sent out a tweet last night about No One Is Ilegal, asking the world why they give so much lip-service to the Indigenous community yet there seems to be an absence of First Nations people in their leadership. Because, even when they have pubic events, the natives always speak after Harsha does- this seemed rather hypocritical to me.

This resulted in an interesting series of tweets with someone who I’ve never spoken with before- I love how you can make new friends so quickly on Twitter!

It was shocking for me to think that Harsha Walia could be Coast Salish, I thought her family was from India? So, I decided to have a look at her profile and investigate for myself.

Okay, it seems he was mistaken- Harsha’s profile says that she is an “Inquilabi”, not Coast Salish- I thought so. But, what is a “Inquilabi”? Hmmm, I’ll have to look this up- so, I checked out the entry for it on Wikipedia:

Inquilabi Communist Sangathan was a Trotskyist organisation in India. Formed through the merger of the Communist League and the Bolshevik Leninist Group, it was set up in 1984.

Wow! Suddenly the world makes a little bit more sense! Now I totally understand why Harsha Walia so hell-bent on defending violence– she’s a Trotskyist! My regular readers may remember the story I wrote on Trotskyists a couple of weeks ago– they are notable for their belief that violence is a necessity!

So, this explains everything! I was always curious why someone as high-profile as Harsha would so vehemently support the use of violence. And, I always wondered why Macdonald Stainsby told me that she couldn’t back-off and denounce it! I love Twitter!

I learned one other thing about Harsha tonight. During a rather heated conversation with Lorraine Murphy (a.k.a. Raincoaster) about how she worked with Harsha in a plan to defame me (I’ll write more about this conversation soon), I learned another shocking thing about Harsha. Have a look:

So at night, while Harsha’s clients are living in the poverty and bedbugs of Vancouver’s Downtown East Side (DTES), she hightails it out of there to a lovely condo in middle-class Burnaby! Don’t you think this is a little bit ironic?

She must make a lot of money working for the DTES Women’s Centre to live in luxury like that! After a little bit of research I learned that her employer is heavily-funded by a number of outside organizations. For example, last year they were paid $335,591 by Vancouver Coastal Health alone!

It sure sounds nice to be nice to be a Poverty Pimp…

Harsha & Raincoaster's Favourite Hat!

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