Land Claims: “Citizen Prosecutor” Jason Bowman Fails The Mohawks Again! (feat. CUPE 3903)

Oh shit, lost another case…

Doreen Agostino (a new-age peddler of eternal energy machines) once said that Jason “Reacharound” Bowman was the most experienced Citizen Prosecutor she’s ever met. That’s quite the compliment- well, it is until you understand that Citizen Prosecutor was a phrase Bowman made-up to help him sound more dignified during his frauds. It’s Bowman’s way of saying “I’m a lawyer” without saying that he’s a lawyer. It’s a fine line that Bowman walks, eventually he is going to find himself in a lot of trouble.

And, if the trouble he’s facing doesn’t come from the courts, it’s quite possible it may come directly from Bill Squire and his “Mohawk Workers”. First, there was the announcement from last week- the city of Brantford is sick & tired of Bowman & Bill Squire’s games, they have announced that they are disconnecting their utilities. They may also be throwing them out of the land they have been squatting on. Bowman ‘represented’ the Mohawk workers in front of the Brantford City Council on October 22nd. As usual, he invoked the Queen, and babbled-on with nonsense about “lawful notices of intent” and other such Freeman-on-the-Land nonsense.

But, that wasn’t good enough for “Reacharound” Bowman, he decided to take it one step further and he invoked the United Nations! Bowman tried to intimidate the city councillors by telling them that the Mohawk Workers are now registered with the UN’s Civil Society Organization System (ECOSOC). “So, this is an issue that we urge everybody to take seriously and pay attention to.”

Wow, do you think that Bowman got them with that one? Well, not quite- the reality is that anyone can register with this ‘system’, all you have to do is go to the website and sign-up. I just did that myself, I registered the “Jason Bowman Society of Citizen Prosecutors”. It didn’t cost any money, and I didn’t have to prove myself to them. I expect the account will be rubber-stamped sometime next week. (will let you all know when it’s done)

Being registered with ECOSOC is meaningless- it takes less effort than having your name listed in a phone book. It also doesn’t mean that you have any involvement with them. Organizations that are working with this agency have what’s called “consultative status”. And, as expected, Bowman was blowing smoke up the arses of the city council.

Each time Bowman opens his mouth, he loses a bit more credibility. The way he’s been going, he must be deeply in credibility debt by now- karmic too… Near the end of the meeting, one of the city councillors asked Bowman & Bill Squire to clarify a discussion about a six-hundred sixty six billion dollar (yep, 666) invoice they had issued to the city. Bowman became belligerent and screamed out:

“Are you totally ignorant!”

Obviously, this didn’t work-out well for bowman. He got a reprimand from the Mayor and was told to behave or he would be escorted out. This is the point, where if Bowman was a real lawyer, Squire would be filing a malpractice suit against him. Only the most stupid of people would think it was a good idea to yell that out in a city council meeting. No wonder Squire lost and the city decided stop covering his bills! I’ve put together a short video with the highlights of the city hall meeting- click this link for the full video:

Well, today, things got even worse for old Bill Squire- and a number of other people too. You see, Walton Development, one of the companies that Bowman and Squire have been harassing, pulled them into court today to get an injunction to stop their interference.

Not only did Walton win the injunction, but it looks like things are going to get much worse for the Mohawk Workers- for a few other people too. Neal Smitheman, the lawyer for the city, has announced that he is going to pursue the recovery of $875,000 in legal and other costs. They listed a number of targets for the cost including the Haudenosaunee Development Institute.

The only surprising person on the city’s hit-list was Aaron Deltor, a real lawyer who has represented the Mohawks on the past. Deltor has written here on this site saying he believes Jason Bowman is “an outright fraud”. Well, that fraud has been swatting at bee’s nests, and it looks like Deltor may have to pay the price. It should be interesting to see how this works out.

There was an interesting (and sympathetic to Bowman’s scam) video that came out today by the BASICS Community News Service (they work closely with the anarchist Media Co-Op). It wasn’t so much the content that caught my interest as much as it was the notice at the end of the film. As you can see from my screenshot above, BASICS listed the two key contacts for supporting Bowman & Squires’ quixotic adventure. The first is the WordPress site that Bowman setup for the Mohawk Workers (Squire doesn’t use the Internet apparently), the second contact is for the anarchist-led CUPE 3093 at the University of Toronto. The 3903 have been messing around with the Six Nations since long before Bowman came around. Bowman has been floating around at lefty events for a while now though, and there’s a good chance he knows people there.

So, the big question for me is, are they working together? If not, why aren’t the people at the 3903 helping Squire realize how bad Bowman is for him? Something smells rotten here. My spidey senses are telling me Bowman be be thrown under a bus once again…

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    • The Hammer on November 3, 2012 at 09:08
    • Reply

    Oh wow! That is amazing. Just when I thought this clown couldn’t get any better. At least Kevin Annett tries to appear legit. Bowman cannot even manage that. I hope to god he somehow manages to end “trying” a case in court one day. I will be sure to be there to watch. Just hope the judge does not throw me out for laughing too hard.

    1. Jason Bowman is a clown that keeps on pleasing!

    • The Hammer on November 4, 2012 at 12:26
    • Reply

    In all fairness Bill Squire is just as much of a piece of work as Bowman. Consider what he is arguing. Some distant relative of his was Cheif of the Mowhawk people when the Haldimand tract was given to the Mowhawks. And, as the living heir to this chief Bill Squire inherits this land and the right to be the soul voice of the Mowhawk people. Bowman then goes on to essentially say that the Haldimand is an independant monarchy with Bill Squire having absolute power over it.

    The biggest problem with their argument is that the Mowhawk, like all Iriquois nations, never had an inherited monarchy. Their governments were actually republican democracies. It is a source of great pride for Iriquois people that the first draft of the US constitution was inspired by and based off of the Iriquois governments. This is something even school kids in Brantford can tell you.

    Furthermore, Brantford political leaders know the official elected Mowhawk leaders quite well. They also know the Mowhawk people quite well. They know the Mowhawks have always been well organized and politically active. Never in their history have the Mowhawk needed some random white guy to speak to a legislature or counsel on their behalf.

    The fact that this scruffy looking white guy in a tee shirt and purple windbreaker is speaking to them is just another piece of evidence that Bill Squire is a fraud. I wonder if Jason is even smart enough to realize the mayor was openly ridiculing him at the end of that video.

    • MauSusan on November 5, 2012 at 11:36
    • Reply

    The Hammer has got it! I haven’t laughed soooo hard! Thanks! I don’t understand why time n time again Bill openly follows these charismatic white guys…what is soo wrong with their own people n they even kicked their own people out…they don’t follow proper meeting protocals there, they don’t listen to and take into account other opinions there…If you have a difference of are banished!

    • rraefyn on November 8, 2012 at 17:30
    • Reply

    The Mohawk follow a matrialinear line so unless Squires was his mother’s maiden name. I think he would be out of the Chiefdan loop, although I’m guessing on this one, so please correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. That’s how I see it. Of course, it needs confirmation before we can be certain…

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