Grizzly Adams Ploughs Into A Sea Of Raw Milk! (feat. Jason Bowman)

Jason Bowman- Master of Misappropriation…

Jason Bowman is a mixed bag. On the one side, he performs a self-parody that’s on par with Mel Brook’s best work- he’s amusing, so it is easy to kind of love him. He walks on a thin line between impersonating a lawyer and hilarious incompetence. However, there are victims of Bowman’s deceptions- this kind of dampens the fun of observing him. It’s mind-numbing to imagine he gets people to believe in him.

Jason has been mooching off of Bill Squire from the Six Nations these past couple of months. His “Citizen Prosecutor” services are being used to help Squire fight battles for land rights. He has no legal training, he continually bungles legal terms- he’s the legal equivalent of an incompetent jail-house lawyer. This is what makes him so dangerous.

A video came out yesterday where Bowman appears to be using Squire to get into a local event with some dairy farmers who are leading a protest for allowing raw milk. The health inspector has come to visit and they amassed a crowd to observe. Unfortunately, for them, they got a taste of some Legal Bowmanisms.

There are a number of time when Bowman, who has no relation to this matter, interjects in the proceedings. More than once it was clear that he was not impressing the farmers with his “MIB” (Mohawk Investigations Bureau) questioning how he can apply for a Freedom of Information (FOI) act request. He says it in a way that makes it sound like he just may know what he’s doing.

But, as all followers of the Bowmanator know, it’s all a ridiculous act. If he wants to know how to make an FOI request, he only needs to read the rules on their website. Oy vey!

Here’s the video- let’s hope this clown stops soon…

Oh, and Jason: Govern Yourself Accordingly…


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  1. I can’t finish the vid, this guy is a bone head! ugh!

  2. Just the best comedy, as you sa, since Mel Brooks….please keep it coming…OHMIGOSH

  3. who would star in the series

    • Tamara D. on September 21, 2012 at 16:59
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    I would love to have the option to drink raw milk! Apparently they have vending machines that dispense raw milk in France and spreading across Europe… that sanitize themselves when they dispense, etc… Very clean… it is very big there! there are alot of health benefits.. if it was so dangerous then you couldn’t be selling it in special vending machines, people’d be dropping like flies!

    I really hope Bowman doesn’t mess everything up! Someone should get in there with real training and help this all along on a positive track, maybe? We don’t need any trouble, these farmers are working and fighting hard for our rights (and theirs) to buy and sell food that we choose to eat (and drink!) If he does mess it up I hope someone comes in after him that can fix it…. I really DO want the farmers to win. We should be able to eat what we choose and there is evidence to show that raw milk can greatly benefit health… like getting rid of allergies for one.

    • McLean on September 22, 2012 at 14:29
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    Hilarious! You illustrate the great fodder that Bowman presents for ongoing comedic relief. Bowmans’s evident confusion over what he required for the “FOI” request was another indication that Bowman had not done his legal homework (again). I was waiting for him to use his predictable and favourite “big words”, though. I was truly disappointed when he neglected to regale us with how “depraved” and “repugnant” it all was. Damn!

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