Open Letter To Gary Paterson Of The United Church- Please Help Us Stop Kevin Annett

Gary Paterson- Moderator of the United Church of Canada

Dear Mr. Paterson,

Back in 1996 the United Church disposed of a problem. Kevin Annett had been causing unrest and friction within your organization, he was bounced between churches until he finally left. I’ve read Kevin’s history, and can understand why he had to go- it appears he was not healthy, and his presence was not conducive to the environment one would expect in the United Church. The problem is, that he didn’t go away- to this day, Kevin is still out causing pain and division…

I’ve been studying Annett’s fraud for several months now. And, as the church determined 16 years ago, I have no doubt that he is in need of psychiatric care. Annett truly believes the stories he has been making up- the mass graves, the lies that he has the support of residential school survivors, his delusions that he can single-handedly convict the leaders of the world’s churches in his mock trials. Each day it becomes more apparent that Annett is a deeply sick man.

While it is fortunate for the church that Annett no longer works for you, it is equally unfortunate for the people who have become Annett’s new victims. There are residential school survivors who have had their stories stolen- when they asked him to stop he ran smear campaigns against them, causing great personal pain. There are the people of the Six Nations who had to live through his desecrating the memories of the survivors with his fraudulent dig for children’s bones. There are the people who fell into Annett’s web and sent him large sums of money that they couldn’t afford to spend. And, there are the people who tried to alert the world to his lies and ended up having their names smeared too.

Your church is still suffering from Annett’s illness too…

I’ve written, called, and left messages for Jamie Scott- the church’s representative for residential school issues- asking for some assistance from the church in stopping the damage Annett is doing to people’s lives. To date, I have yet to have received a response from him. Yet, almost daily, a number of people at your church headquarters are reading the articles and research I’ve been doing on Annett. It seems to me that the church feels it has washed its hands of Annett and have left it to others to stop the damage he is doing.

The church’s lack of response, and what appears to be an unwillingness to get involved is simply not right. Regardless of the fact that Annett no longer works for you- the damage began while he was in your employment, and the cycle has yet to stop. I’d suggest that the church still has responsibility to help stop this damage- dozens of other people agree with me.

It’s time to stop the pain Annett has been causing- too many people continue to be hurt. I’d like to appeal to your sense of justice and ask for the church’s assistance in ending Annett’s reign of terror towards the people of Canada’s indigenous communities.

I’ve been working with a number of people who have all put-together enough evidence to prove that Annett has been dishonest. We have documents that show he’s been taking people’s money, witnesses that can testify about his lies, and evidence of the damage he has been doing to individuals. We now need the church’s help in closing the case on Annett, and getting him the help that he needs.

Thank you, in advance, for your attention to this issue. Myself, and others, who have been working on this case appreciate any assistance you are able to provide us in helping to stop the damage Kevin Annett continues to do.

-Greg Renouf


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