Open Letter To Gary Paterson Of The United Church- Please Help Us Stop Kevin Annett

Gary Paterson- Moderator of the United Church of Canada

Dear Mr. Paterson,

Back in 1996 the United Church disposed of a problem. Kevin Annett had been causing unrest and friction within your organization, he was bounced between churches until he finally left. I’ve read Kevin’s history, and can understand why he had to go- it appears he was not healthy, and his presence was not conducive to the environment one would expect in the United Church. The problem is, that he didn’t go away- to this day, Kevin is still out causing pain and division…

I’ve been studying Annett’s fraud for several months now. And, as the church determined 16 years ago, I have no doubt that he is in need of psychiatric care. Annett truly believes the stories he has been making up- the mass graves, the lies that he has the support of residential school survivors, his delusions that he can single-handedly convict the leaders of the world’s churches in his mock trials. Each day it becomes more apparent that Annett is a deeply sick man.

While it is fortunate for the church that Annett no longer works for you, it is equally unfortunate for the people who have become Annett’s new victims. There are residential school survivors who have had their stories stolen- when they asked him to stop he ran smear campaigns against them, causing great personal pain. There are the people of the Six Nations who had to live through his desecrating the memories of the survivors with his fraudulent dig for children’s bones. There are the people who fell into Annett’s web and sent him large sums of money that they couldn’t afford to spend. And, there are the people who tried to alert the world to his lies and ended up having their names smeared too.

Your church is still suffering from Annett’s illness too…

I’ve written, called, and left messages for Jamie Scott- the church’s representative for residential school issues- asking for some assistance from the church in stopping the damage Annett is doing to people’s lives. To date, I have yet to have received a response from him. Yet, almost daily, a number of people at your church headquarters are reading the articles and research I’ve been doing on Annett. It seems to me that the church feels it has washed its hands of Annett and have left it to others to stop the damage he is doing.

The church’s lack of response, and what appears to be an unwillingness to get involved is simply not right. Regardless of the fact that Annett no longer works for you- the damage began while he was in your employment, and the cycle has yet to stop. I’d suggest that the church still has responsibility to help stop this damage- dozens of other people agree with me.

It’s time to stop the pain Annett has been causing- too many people continue to be hurt. I’d like to appeal to your sense of justice and ask for the church’s assistance in ending Annett’s reign of terror towards the people of Canada’s indigenous communities.

I’ve been working with a number of people who have all put-together enough evidence to prove that Annett has been dishonest. We have documents that show he’s been taking people’s money, witnesses that can testify about his lies, and evidence of the damage he has been doing to individuals. We now need the church’s help in closing the case on Annett, and getting him the help that he needs.

Thank you, in advance, for your attention to this issue. Myself, and others, who have been working on this case appreciate any assistance you are able to provide us in helping to stop the damage Kevin Annett continues to do.

-Greg Renouf


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    I’ve attached the youtube channel that says YOU Jamie Scott would have a copy of this letter. This letter bears a signature from “jeremiah jourdain”. We would like to see it. Stop making excuses that it has been too long because it has only been two and a half years and would be demonstrable legal incompetence if your church did not retain a copy of it within their records, considering the youtube video claims 3 people were served.
    I have gotten a similar non-responsiveness from the church and I think it is disgusting, I tried to be reasonable and get you to delay this article, but greg, well written and I a completely agree I think this frames the matter quite nicely. It is sinful what they are doing to ignore the issues at hand!

  2. Very little to say about the lies and crimes of banksters, war mongers, disinfo agents, police infiltrators and other servants of the 1 per centers. But the United Church, the NDP, working people’s unions… well that the investigative soil where Occupy’s problem child, Greg Renouf, digs like a dog unearthing a bone.

  3. Very little to say about the lies and crimes of banksters, war mongers, disinfo agents, police infiltrators and other servants of the 1 per centers. But the United Church, the NDP, working people’s unions… well that the investigative soil where Occupy’s problem child, Greg Renouf, digs like a dog unearthing a bone.

      • sheray on September 20, 2012 at 18:11
      • Reply

      This article you are commenting on here is not about Occupy. The subject is about the Kevin Annett tie to the United Church and his delusion/con game that has harmed and is still harming many people. Thank goodness someone like Greg Renouf has the guts to not follow and regurgitate the same old slogans/banter of the sheep..

    1. oh mr cherry, YOU ARE A 1% SO shut your pie hole about that you hypocrite. Furthermore, you are a disinfo agent, peddling communism on us all with your occupy cult buddies! You are not in the 99% so I do not understand what makes you think you can run around bitching about the 1%. you’re a joke!

  4. Churches in Canada unfortunately have a history of complicity in creating walls of silence on injustice related problems, such as the police invasion of meetings of Handicapped Housing Society of Alberta in 1997 – and to pretend that they no longer have responsibility to help correct the cause of these miscarriages of justice. Some of these church coalitions must develop skills in participation in conducting audit/reviews of management decisions in equal partnerships with the people who have been depersonalized by misuse of authority as supported by some of the mainline churches.

  5. Still backing the con artist – are you professor Cherry?

  6. The United Church and the NDP is pretty far from the Black Bloc,like al largely a police invention to divert attention away from issues of genuine injustice brought forward by genuine activists seeking a better more equitable world. Greg’s strategy seems pretty consistent with those of the so-called Black Bloc’s police handlers.

  7. Does Greg mean Kevin Annett? I have never met him or heard him. I agree with some of what he has written and do not agree with other things he has written. I don’t back him just like I don’t back the conster Greg Renouf.

  8. I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you- but, the fact that I think you’re a damaging schmuck doesn’t make me a police handler.

    Regardless, you are hardly in-need of having government monitoring your revolutionary misdeeds. Self-parody is your worst enemy Tony, and you are highly effective at it.

    You are correct when you say I should be writing more often about bigger issues. But, first, if activism is to be the means of a re/evolution we must have our shit in-order. Luckily, I’m sensing a change in the community- people are realizing that the only way to change the world is with truth and honour.

    Anyhow, Annett is a man who has sent waves of pain through communities of survivors. If stopping Annett can prevent even a single more survivor from this pain I will be pleased with what I have done.

    Can’t you see that?

  9. Annett is quite clever – but not clever enough. If you notice he uses his presence in this F.A.C.T. radio broadcasr to unashamedly advertise and promote KEVIN ANNETT – every other line is an ad for him!!–on-track-with-rev-kevin-annett – when hes done advertising himself and its time to hit reality – hes gone!! He walks out of the show unexpectedly during an ad break completely dumping on the shows organisers – and everyone else – afterwards blatantly lieing about why he went along with other premeditated rubbish. Trying to impress the world by keeping mentioning lawyers in Germany and an ITCCS summons and propsed hearing involving the other criminal the pope that will never come to fruition is just wasting everybodys time and a well rehearsed fantasy. The reality is hes been using and abusing others to fund his trips to various countries which are really nothing more than holidays for him, whilst other monies donated to his “cause” are mysteriously disappearing out of accountability into an account held by his father operating from a trailer-park, no less. What on earth is going on here? Surely someone needs to investigate this entire scene properly – or wont they because it is a government run programme to begin with and Annett is just another government agent who is under the control of his handlers? The latter id put money on.

  10. I matched kevin’s ip with jourdain’s, plus heather forwarded me that email of kevin admitting jourdain, the guy that handles his donations does not exist! Plus given the information I got from kevin’s brainwashed fans either they are lying about kevin arriving alone or they are lying about other things. Which I’ve narrowed down to be that some are just international socialist buddies covering for kevin who’s meant to be used to debase our national government. I’m sorry mr. cherry but if you want us to look the other way, we will, once kevin is arrested for fraud!

    • brotherwolf1 on September 21, 2012 at 13:19
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    Anthony James Hall on Facebook, maybe he ( Greg ) writes about these issue because the unions and the NDP are afraid and / or unwilling to let the truth be known? Greg has exposed many cases of criminality and if you would take the time to actually READ what he writes , you might actually learn something. You will notice that his materials are SOURCED , meaning he doesn’t make them up , as opposed to the stories made up about him by such reputable groups like anarchists , and other fringe groups who love anything illegal and violent as a means of protest.

    • Leslee on August 24, 2013 at 23:18
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    Well, here it is 11+ months later. I have read and reread everything I could find on Kevin’s movements the last 12 months. I have read comments for/against/no opinion about what he is trying to do. My belief is that 12 months later, Kevin Annett is STILL (pardon my shout) claiming the same things as last year. Kevin needs to back away from all these ‘wonderful’ things he is doing. We need (I mean the white people like me) to listen to First Nations. Our solutions have to be lead by First Nations victims and their families. While Kevin has been bad mouthing various and sundry people as government agents, shady black ops, whatever—The Truth and Reconciliation people have been working…get it? WORKING!!!! No phantom courts, no pretend prosecutors/judges/jurors…no warrants that have no legal effect on anyone at all.

    Kevin is spending someone else’s money flying back and forth to Ireland, Italy and a few other places I am sure. With absolutely no results whatsoever. Nothing. Plenty of spin stories, but no action. Many people have claimed that Kevin is reaping thousands of dollars with what he is doing, I don’t think that is the case. What he is looking for is his name in lights….up on the marquee for the world to see how wonderful he is. That is his currency. And I do still think he is raising the money, but that he also spends it doing what he does.

    If you want to start action, start at the bottom. Unravel the cover ups, treatment of Native Peoples, Church/State responsibility like a sweater you have been knitting and got it all wrong. Pull on the end of the yarn (start with some of the people who only want to be heard) and keep pulling until every last stitch is gone and in the end, we will be able to hold our heads up and say that we stood with the people who should have been helped and instead got the worst of Western society.

    Greg, the only thing I don’t agree with is that you consider the United Church of Canada to be responsible for the man Kevin Annett has become in the years since his de-listing. There was plenty of proof that he couldn’t handle the responsibility of a congregation before he even got to Port Alberni. He spent 6 months in Northern Manitoba, another 6 or 7 at Fred Victor Mission in Toronto and when he quit Toronto, he only got the pastoral charge in Port Alberni with some intervention from his mother. I am a life-long member of the United Church and have witnessed pastoral charge leadership, the presbytery in Vancouver South and attended province wide Conferences. I actually followed Kevin’s case in the 90’s and it wasn’t until I did a little internet surfing that I found out how active he has been since that time. I guess I just thought he would go away. How foolish I am.

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