Jason Bowman, Bill Squire, Bullshit & Trailer Park Supervisors…

Nobody would have guessed that in the battle between Jason Bowman and Kevin Annett that Bowman could possibly come on-top. After all, Bowman was caught red-handed in a lie that he had filed a case in Toronto’s federal court. Once it became apparent that he didn’t show-up at the courthouse, most reasonable people figured that Bowman’s reputation was totally shot. Well, apparently not with Bill Squire- it appears he has even given Bowman an Indian name. It’s quite hilarious when you realize that Kevin Annett lost his Indian name back in Brantford. As I’ve said many times, the Kevin Annett / Jason Bowman story is a laugh a minute- starring two of Canada’s most amusing clowns…

I’ve been rather gentle with my handling of Bill Squire up to now. I didn’t totally understand the guy, and wanted to be careful before I started forming an opinion about him. Well, after watching the video of the Brantford city council meeting a couple more times, and having some conversations with people today- it seems to me that Squire is totally full of shit.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that I think he knows he’s full of shit- it could be that he’s just deluded. He’s pulling the ‘hereditary chief’ card- saying that power came through the lineage of the Squire family. There are a couple problems with this though.

First, the Mohawks are a matrilineal society- this means that children are born to the lineage and clan of their mothers. So, if Squire is saying that a male relative of his is chief, wouldn’t Squire be in a different clan? Next, power is not inherited in the Mohawk culture, leaders are chosen on the basis of their competency for the position. So, if Squire wants to claim he has the right to represent the Mohawk people- doesn’t he have to give us evidence that the grandmothers have nominated him for this position?

Something doesn’t make sense here…

The next problem, besides their ridiculous 666 billion dollar invoice, is that Bowman and Squire are petitioning to the wrong level of government. The Brantford city council has no authority when it comes to treaty negotiations, this authority could only come through the federal government (or, the United Nations one could assume.) Any decision the council makes on the subject of treaties with other nations would be void from the moment they were enacted.

Watching this whole debacle, the only parallel I can make to the outside world would be an episode of Trailer Park Boys. In this episode, Ricky and Bubbles have come up with a plan to take over the city government and declare themselves as Brantford’s assistant trailer park supervisors. And, same as on the show, nobody else really gives a damn what title they’ve given themselves.

What we’re experiencing here right now is a case of life imitating art…

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    • The Hammer on November 6, 2012 at 07:45
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    What is even more amusing is the reason they were at counsel that day. It had nothing to do with Squire’s rediculous land claims. It was about the unpaid utility bill. Which the guy asking most of the questions pointed out.

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