United Nations Recognizes The Jason “Reacharound” Bowman Society For Citizen Prosecutors!

Jason Bowman- Bill Squire’s village idiot…

Last week our old friend (or should that be fiend) Jason “Reacharound” Bowman tried to intimidate the Brantford city council by saying that the Mohawk Workers have initiated a partnership with the United Nations. I could immediately tell that Bowman was full of crap (his mouth was moving), so I decided to do a bit of investigating and see what I could find out. Well, as expected, I was right- Bowman was full of hot air with his threats…

Bowman did register the Mohawk Workers with the UN’s Civil Society Organization System (ECOSOC)- that’s true. But, what he didn’t tell the city council is that this registration is absolutely meaningless- anyone can register an organization on the ECOSOC, and they don’t even verify the organizations that sign-up.

So, on Friday night, I registered the “Jason ‘Reacharound’ Bowman Society For Citizen Prosecutors. It didn’t take very long to do it, only five minutes. I made up an address (12 Clown Drive), and, just for fun, I told the UN that the organization’s former name was “The Kevin Annett Society For Defrocked Ministers”.

I got an email from the UN this morning with a pleasant surprise- they accepted my registration request! You can click this link to see the registration on the UN’s website. I’ve also included a screenshot below.


On another note, while we’re talking about schiesters, I found an interesting posting on Facebook today from another white man who views himself as a white god on the reserves. University of Lethbridge Professor Anthony James Hall (the nutbar who told Iran’s PressTV that the Canadian government is trying to kill salmon stocks in an effort to wipe-out the Indians) chimed-in about what’s going on at Brantford:

Oy vey! Sorry professor Hall, but we’ve proven that the UN connection Bowman was talking about is complete nonsense. You’d think he would have figured that out considering he’s a professor of Globalism Studies- wouldn’t you? I pray to god for mercy on his students…

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    • Occultpie Myass on November 5, 2012 at 16:52
    • Reply

    The Professor got POWNED! KAPOW!

    • Tamara Dippel on November 5, 2012 at 23:12
    • Reply

    The United Nations is corrupt! Oh crap, they’ll mess up the native peoples :(

      • Tamara Dippel on November 5, 2012 at 23:17
      • Reply

      I really hope you’re right that it doesn’t mean anything, Greg… I don’t trust the UN.

      1. It’s absolutely meaningless, anyone could register on that system – that I could register the “Jason Bowman” foundation so easily says it all…

    • The Hammer on November 6, 2012 at 08:33
    • Reply

    The city of Brantford does not even really care even if it does mean something. Regardless of who they are registered with or as they still need to pay their bills.

    At least no one has to be warned about Jason Bowman. His claims are so outrageous and methods are so stupid that people can spot his con coming a mile away. The more he talks the dumber he sounds. Sitting there trying to lecture the city counsil of Brantford about Mowhawk history and the “special status” of the Mowhawk people in Ontario. Does he honestly think they do not know this? They live there. They grew up there. Anyone who grows up in or around Brantford has been on countless school field trips to the reservation and various Iriquois musiums on and around it. Including the Residential School musium. I think it is safe to say that everyone in that room has a better understanding of Mowhak history and current issues in the Mowhak community than Jason Bowman ever will.

    At least Kevin Annett is able to appear somewhat legit.

    • Guy who actually READS the facts on November 6, 2012 at 09:29
    • Reply

    Looks to me like good ‘ol Anthony Hall ha been sipping the Kool Aid again. hey, Hall, i have a rather interesting idea. Instead of reading the ingredients of the Kool Aid packages, try reading the materials that PROVE conclusively that people like Bowman and Annett are con artists. There will be an exam on this later.

      • Standing Water on November 6, 2012 at 18:11
      • Reply

      That’s the problem with University professors—they’re unaccountable, never examined for being “past the expiry date.” Realistically, there should be judicial supervision of academics, as the buck has to stop somewhere—if a professor says something kooky, a judge should be able to deprive him of his degree, after due process of law, if incompetence, etc. is proven.

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