Was Thomas Mulcair’s Heckler An NDP Stooge? (Feat. Clayton Thomas-Muller)

In October 2009 a group of protesters interrupted NDP leader Jack Layton right at the moment he was about to begin making a statement on climate change. The man who started the interruption was Dave Vasey, the former leader of Occupy Toronto, and one of the elite group of Canadian activists who share the same tattoo saying “Love Is The Movement”. Vasey was joined by fellow tattoo wearer Chelsea Flook, the former leader of Occupy Edmonton, and an angry anti-police protester who helped organize the December 2013 anti-cop protest in Toronto with Vasey where they burned an effigy of a pig.

There was speculation in the media that the event was a trick by the NDP. This was partially driven by the fact that one of the people who spoke to the media on the activist’s side was Joe Cressy, an NDP strategist who now sits in Olivia Chow’s former seat in Toronto city council. Cressy denied this, saying that he wasn’t “an NDP activist”- many were skeptical about his claim.

A similar protest happened in on Thursday. It wasn’t in Parliament, but on the campaign trail in Winnipeg- that said, it followed the same pattern. Adding to the coincidence, the man who led the heckling is close friends with and wears the exact same tattoo as the people who interrupted Layton. Oh yes, and he’s no stranger to Thomas Mulcair- the two met in New Brunswick back in February.

Clayton Thomas-Muller with Thomas Mulcair, and fellow "Bioneer" Heater Milton-Lightening

Clayton Thomas-Muller with Thomas Mulcair, and Heater Milton-Lightening

Clayton Thomas-Muller is an employee of 350.org, on the boards of the Polaris Institute (where Joe Cressy used to work), the US Based Bioneers, and the RAVEN Foundation; he was formerly with the Indigenous Environmental Network- organizations supported by US foundations fighting the Canadian energy industry. He’s been a regular visitor to the TIDES Canada funded Hollyhock resort on Cortes Island, BC, and has shared a stage in California with Joel Solomon- former TIDES board member, and leader of Hollyhock.

News came out last year that Thomas-Muller has been on an RCMP extremist watch list since 2010 after it was discovered that he participated in a violent anarchist illegal occupation called the Unist’ot’en Camp near Houston, BC. Thomas-Muller was the spokesperson for the Native Youth Movement during the 2010 Olympics- a violent hate group whose theme song includes the lines “take back the land, kill the white man”, and “if whitey gonna cross that line, there’s gonna be some blood squirting”. Check out their video.


Thomas-Muller met in-person with Thomas Mulcair in February at an event in Halifax. He was joined by fellow Bioneer and long-term friend Heather Milton-Lightening. Also present at that meeting was Cameron Fenton, leader of the US foundation funded Canadian Youth Climate Coalition. It’s unknown what they spoke about together.

The reasoning people who thought Jack Layton’s “interruption” by the Love Is The Movement tattoo cult was a setup is that they were trying to help Layton justify an extreme “end-is-neigh” position on man-made climate change. In this case, Thomas-Muller was pushing for a position where Mulcair is officially on the fence- whether Canada should allow the Energy East Pipeline.

Was this a setup on behalf of the NDP? Perhaps not by Mulcair, although it’s curious that he met with the same man who heckled him less than six months ago. It’s also possible that more extreme elements of the NDP are trying to push Mulcair towards taking an extremist stance on the Energy East pipeline. Thomas-Muller sits at the heart of the NGO industrial complex, has serious baking from the labour movement, and led Unifor’s recent Jobs Justice and Climate march in Toronto- all groups who take the same extremist position.

Regardless, one has to question Mulcair’s judgement for sitting down with an RCMP tracked extremist who once fronted for a racist hate group as he did in February….

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2010: Clayton Thomas-Muller (plaid shirt) with Eriel Deranger (black shirt) and violent racist thugs

2010: Clayton Thomas-Muller (plaid shirt) with Eriel Deranger (black shirt) and violent racist thugs

Clayton Thomas-Muller with David Suzuki...

Clayton Thomas-Muller with David Suzuki…

Clayton Thomas-Muller with convicted G20 ringleader Alex Hundert in March 2015

Clayton Thomas-Muller with convicted G20 ringleader Alex Hundert in March 2015

Clayton Thomas-Miller with Harsha Walia & Brigette DePape in 2014

Clayton Thomas-Miller with Harsha Walia & Brigette DePape in 2014

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    • Bonnie Kosowan on August 23, 2015 at 00:51
    • Reply

    Actually imo it’s a genius Idea; it brings attention to topics of national interest like energy east etc. Plus it hypes up the crowd.

    1. Indeed. That said, it’s sad to see such dishonesty…

      • Segue C on August 23, 2015 at 19:56
      • Reply

      You have not made it clear whether you like being duped or if you just think the ends justifies the means as long you are not among those who are mislead or misinformed on their way to vote.

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