[Updated] Anarchists Light Queen Street Fire, Firefighters Attacked, Toronto Police AWOL, Media Duped?

Swamp Line 9 arrestee Trish Mills & Sierra Club exec Chelsea Flook feeding the fire...

Swamp Line 9 arrestee Trish Mills & ??? feeding the fire…

UPDATE: The story originally identified the person in the beige jacket feeding the fire as Chelsea Flook of the Sierra Club. Flook has written and said that it was not here. Your Humble Narrator apologizes for any misconceptions as a result of this error, but still points out that Flook promoted this event- behaviour that’s not appropriate for someone leading Canadian youth.


On Friday night a disturbed 18 year old man caused chaos and terror at Toronto’s Queen St. subway station, pulling out a weapon inside one of the trains. As people scrambled away to find safety, several police officers bravely ran in to help. The man told the police he felt he had no reason to live- shots were fired, the man is now in the hospital.

Nothing excites our city’s radical left protest community more than an opportunity to protest the police- and, despite there being zero evidence of police wrongdoing, Friday’s incident was no exception. The result was chaos on the streets of Toronto as the protesters blocked traffic, set a fire on the street, and attacked the firemen who came to put it out. All with zero visible police presence and/or enforcement.

Meanwhile, none of the Toronto media reported the full story…

It didn’t take long after the shooting for Toronto’s professional protesters to start agitating. OCAP’s Sigrid Kneve and Miguel Avila-Velarde showed up in front of Queen station on Friday night, cat calling to the police “murderers”, and trying to add to the chaos. Their behaviour was a lot like when Kneve was caught doing the same thing to Rob Ford on Remembrance Day. It’s almost as if they’re trying to subliminally influence the media’s coverage.

Sierra Club exec Chelsea Flook promoting the protest...

Sierra Club exec Chelsea Flook promoting the protest…

The protest began in front of the Ryerson University Student Union (RSU) building on Gould St, the site of this year’s Toronto Anarchist Fair. The RSU building is a haven for the city’s anarchist community- earlier this year a violent anarchist was arrested there while selling poetry books about the G20 violence. Some of the protesters at Sunday’s ruckus were caught broadcasting violent, racist, anti-Semitic hate speech at Ryerson this summer.

The crowd marched from Gould street onto Yonge, one of the busiest streets in the city. Unhindered by the (invisible) police, the forty or so protesters took both sides of the street and harassed motorists who got in their way. They altered their chants between “disarm the police” and “f##k the police” as they waved their banners and bathed in the pleasure of exploiting a young man’s tragedy.

Journalists and cameramen were waiting for the protesters at Queen St station, many huddled inside the entrance trying to avoid the bitter cold. Taking the opportunity to see what they knew, Your Humble Narrator asked “You know it’s the same group of anarchists at all protests right- why do you gratify them by coming?”. A Global TV cameraman responded saying “in case they smash things”.

The protesters were late for their own party. About 10 minutes before they arrived a City TV cameraman went downstairs to ask the Transit Police if they knew what was happening. They responded saying that about 40 people were leaving Gould street at that moment.

Just before the protesters reached the intersection of Yonge and Queen, one of the reporters burst into the subway entrance to tell the others that the game was on. At this point they all rushed out to Yonge like a pack of hungry wolves, stumbling over each other in a mad rush to get some good footage (and hope for some violence).

The first thing one noticed when arriving at the mob was that it consisted of the usual suspects- the exact same people we’ve seen exploiting Sammy Yatim’s shooting, occupying Line 9 pipeline stations, hating on Israel, and stalking Ezra Levant at the Conservative convention in Calgary. This, of course, is something that the mainstream media completely missed.

The protester's pif effigy...

The protester’s effigy of a pig…

The protesters were carrying a paper mache effigy of a pig. When they arrived in front of Queen station, one of them set the pig on fire. They all cheered when the pig was alight, dancing around it like the characters in Lord of the Flies did after catching their wild boar. And, of course, there were no police in sight.

As the fire burned, two well-known activists began to stoke it with EyeOpener newspapers taken from Ryerson. Line 9 arrestee Trish Mills had papers in her backpack that were already scrunched up prepared for the fire- she was with someone who was originally identified as Chelsea Flook.

Anarchist Joey Bokhaut announcing he'll dress up in Black Bloc costume...

Anarchist Joey Bokhaut announcing he’ll dress up in Black Bloc costume…

A few minutes later a fire truck came up to the protest with their siren running. As the firemen approached the crowd, cop-baiter Zach Ruiter stepped in front the truck waving his hands saying “no fire here!”. As the truck stopped, Ruiter was joined by Joey Bokhaut, an anarchist dressed up in a Black Bloc costume who started swearing at and waving his flag at the firemen.

Joey Bokhaut getting aggressive with the firemen...

Joey Bokhaut getting aggressive with the firemen…

Bokhaut was the perfect example of the ignorance of the crowd. He yelled to the firemen “where were you when he was shot”, it’s like he thought the fire department has a connection to the shooting. With all the aggression the firemen weren’t able to get close to the fire. Then, when they tried to back-up the fire truck, Bokhaut ran towards it and started kicking the bumper.

Things began to settle down after the fire went out. The firemen eventually got the truck backed up, and slowly the crowd began to dwindle. For the anarchists, it was the perfect night out…

The Problem With Toronto Police:

Throughout the night’s mayhem and violence there was not a single uniformed cop present, there may have been undercover, but they took no action. Put simply, the protesters had free reign to do whatever they pleased on Toronto’s streets and, once again, the people of the city were put into potential danger.

Having attended every radical left anti-police march this year, Your Humble Narrator has discovered a disturbing trend of a lack of police presence. What happened on Sunday was very similar to an anti-police march in September when there were no police. That day a motorist was terrified when one of the protesters (the same crowd as Sunday) smashed the windshield of her car. Toronto Police handled that protest so badly that the US State Department mentioned it in one of their security alerts.

Your Humble Narrator has spoken to many front-line cops about this problem and keeps getting the same response. The Toronto Police Service has gotten very political in their policing after the G20- many officers have stated they’re scared to arrest protesters out of fear of disciplinary action.

Many of the people at Sunday night’s protest presented a genuine risk to the community. There was Alex Hundert, who was sentenced to 18 months in jail for his role as a ringleader behind the violence at the G20. Trish Mills is currently facing charges for assaulting an officer of the court. Joey Bokhaut spent a couple years in Kingston Penitentiary for assaulting the police. Protest spokesperson Sakura Saunders promotes sabotage of natural gas infrastructure. At least 8 of the protesters are currently out on bail.

Toronto Police Service spokesperson Wendy Drummond was asked for comment on this story, but was unable to come back with a response before this story was published. Keep watching this site for more stories on the police’s reaction soon.

The Problem With Toronto Media:

Besides the sheepishness of the Toronto Police Service, our city’s media are a big part of the problem. At every protest one sees the same reporters covering the same protesters doing the same tricks- but they almost never report this (outside of Sun News).

It’s hard to tell whether the media are too lazy, stupid or corrupt to tell us the whole story- but, does it really matter? The reality is that they’re not telling us what’s really happening. The result is that their unknowing readers/viewers are easily fooled into believing the anarchist’s tricks.

Of all the media coverage of Sunday’s protest, the worst example came from Will Campbell of The Canadian Press. Not only did Campbell ignore the fact the protest was run by the usual suspects, but he totally omitted the part where the protesters set a fire to an effigy of a pig, and wrote nothing about their aggression towards the fire department. Instead, he put most of his effort into helping Sakura Saunders get her opinion out.

Reading through Campbell’s past writings, he comes across as a reporter who knows a thing or two about the anarchist protest community. He’s covered many of the protests that have been written about on this site- the anti Ford protest where OCAP agitators guided the crowd, the Syria peace rally attended by pro-dictator radicals and members of the Communist Youth League of Canada, the union rallies- he’s even published a freedom of information request he made to the US Department of Homeland Security (Sakura Saunder’s friends) about Occupy Toronto!

Yet somehow, after all his time covering the activist beat, Mr. Campbell hasn’t published a single observation about seeing the same people running all of these protests. Equally, it doesn’t appear that he (or the rest of the media) puts much research into his stories- or, perhaps, some reporters know this and intentionally omit reporting it? All he had to do was Google Sakura Saunder’s name and he would have found a wealth of information.

One can understand why journalists would behave this way, reporting the truth can be a dangerous business. But outside the dangers, there’s also the problem of being excluded from future stories. To understand both challenges, one need look no further than the experience at Sun News- they’re known for exposing activist criminality and they’ve been threatened and excluded because of it.

Alex Hundert blocking Your Humble Narrator...

Alex Hundert blocking Your Humble Narrator…

Campbell was contacted for comment on Monday evening, but quickly hung-up after the first question. It’s unknown if his affliction is that he’s lazy, stupid, corrupt or scared- it really doesn’t matter, his reporting is inadequate. But for his future stories, he now has no excuse. Let’s hope he’ll step up to the plate and take leadership in helping us stop this criminality on our streets.

Many of us will be watching carefully…


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    • Reader on December 17, 2013 at 09:51
    • Reply

    The media weren’t duped. They know exactly who they were interviewing. See

    1. I’m worried about the same…

    • Reader on December 17, 2013 at 11:00
    • Reply

    These marxo-anarchists believe they are above the law and the lack of a police response only reinforces that belief.

    When I asked a couple of these people years ago what their favorite song was, each on separate occasions, gave the same very disturbing answer:


    Their answer clearly shows their sense of entitlement, one they never earned.

  1. You’re calling anarchists left on the political spectrum? These anarchist are poor examples of real Voluntaryism. But for sure, anarchism, minarchism, and libertarianism are more to the right than Conservatives…..

    1. They call themselves anarchists, and they are definitely left on the spectrum. But, yes, they’re really just socialists dressed in black Halloween costumes…

    • The Hammer on December 17, 2013 at 13:18
    • Reply

    Most of the people who gravitate towards a career in the news media share the same values and opinions with these activists. They share the same self-righteous evangelical desire to save the world and save people from themselves. And so they engage in crusader journalism. Journalism designed to bend public opinion to their way of thinking.

    As such the news media glorifies these activists while either rationalizing or ignoring behavior which might make the activists look bad. Both groups have the same goals.

  2. They keep using the word ‘anarchist’. I do not think that word means what they think it means. ‘Dictators’ seems more appropriate.

    1. I agree with you, the concept of mixing anarchism and socialism is preposterous. Personally, I think they’re self-identifying this way because it’s more attractive to young people than old-world gulag style socialism…

  3. These are not activists, there are in my opinion urban terrorists , nothing more, Its about time that the media start to see then as that, about time that the governments see them as that and use every part of the law to convict them as terrorists, using every tool including security certificates, having them jailed while they await trials and security certificate hearings, GPS tracking , the works. These people lives need to be made so uncomfortable that they will crawl back under their rocks and stay there for good. Greg, i commend for putting the squeeze on these violent and highly dangerous criminals. The more they are exposed for who they really are, the better are the chances that one day soon, they will exchange thier nice designer cloths for orange jump suits, and thier condo’s for somewhat smaller accommodations ….. I hear Alex Hundert has a place all picked out already :-)

    • The Hammer on December 17, 2013 at 15:54
    • Reply

    Police say the suspect was armed and threatening people:


    By the logic of these protesters they would have a problem if the police had stopped the Montreal massacre.

    • IRISH_PRIDE on December 18, 2013 at 13:18
    • Reply

    i have to comment on the sept. incident…… i was one of the ones almost ran over… that “woman” almost hit myself and my dog.. you were there so i dont understand how you say that it was his fault.. considering a UC got in car and drove it right away.. can we think set up?? but any hows.. im kinda on your side bout the “regulars” either way they are still mostly good ppl.. keep goin with the articles … IRISH

    • Chris on December 20, 2013 at 15:34
    • Reply

    omg…i can’t believe these assholes…who do they think they are burning things in the street.

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