Niagara Green Candidate Vandalized Mining Company HQ, Published Creepy Threats Against Their Execs (Feat. David Clow)

David Clow with Elizabeth May in October, 2014

David Clow with Elizabeth May in October 2014

In our last story about the Green Party’s Niagara-Centre candidate David Clow we discussed his close mentoring relationship with a man who promotes eco-terrorism as a way to save the Earth, and his disloyalty to the party- telling his friends to vote for Justin Trudeau and the Liberals. I contacted the Greens for a comment, they promised to respond, they read the email I sent them 98 times, and they’ve still not come back with a statement.

I’ve learned a lot more about Clow since then; many people have contacted me with more information on his relationships and behavior. I’ve found a video of Clow and Toronto’s most well-known cop baiter Derek Soberal acting abusively to Toronto cops, seen evidence of his abusive behaviour towards First Nations activists, and allegations of he threatened and harassed a woman in Vancouver.

If the Greens insist on keeping him as a candidate, I’ll write more in-depth about those issues later. Today’s story we’ll focus on Clow’s criminal activities against Imperial Metals in BC. We’ll discover how the Green candidate’s extremism overrules his common sense- not only did he vandalize their property and make threats against their executives, he posted it all on Facebook for the whole world to see.

David Clow vandalizing Imperial Metals' Vancouver headquarters

David Clow vandalizing Imperial Metals’ Vancouver HQ

In September 2014, while visiting Vancouver, Clow took the time to visit Imperial Metals’ Vancouver headquarters located at 580 Hornby Street. Clow used the opportunity to spray paint a message on their front door “Red Chris = Mount Polley”, with his initials “-DJC” below. He later posted the evidence on his Facebook page claiming “I marched for the climate. But I also decided to do something a little more lasting.”


A short while later, while traveling on his wheelchair trip across BC to protest pipelines, Clow took the opportunity to stand-up and spraypaint “Mt Polley #2” on a sign for the Red Chris Mine. Like the previous incident, Clow spraypainted his identity at the bottom- this time his whole name. When he posted the evidence on his Facebook page, he instructed his followers to “do whatever you can to stop [the Red Chris mine].”

Threats Against Mining Executives:


In a September 29 Facebook posting Clow discussed an incident after he was pulled over by the “silly police” in northern Ontario. It appears he’s been getting into so much trouble he can’t keep track of it on his own:

Cop: Where you going, David?
Me: I am going home, to my parents, in the Niagara Region.
Cop: You have had some trouble with the police recently?
Me: No, not really. What do you mean?
Cop: You have been up to some things you shouldn’t have, eh, there?
Me: You mean Vancouver?
Cop: No.
Me: You mean Northern B.C., up near Alaska?
Cop: No.
Me: Oh, you mean Prince George?
Cop: No, and don’t mess around. This is serious business and you are only making things worse for yourself.
Me: Am I under arrest?
Cop: What have you been doing in Calgary?
Me: What do you mean, Calgary?
Cop: What have you been doing in Calgary?
Me: Can you tell me why you are asking this question?
Cop: No. What were you doing in Calgary? This is very serious.

Clow went on to say he thought the cops was asking him these questions because of another posting he made on his Facebook page about his intention to pay a visit to N. Murray Edwards (an oil sands magnate, co-owner of the Calgary Flames, and shareholder in Imperial Metals). He ended his Facebook posting bragging about the vandalism he did in BC:

“I am working against your mining gold and copper, not your work in the energy sector. So you getting them to hold off on charging me till you could get me on something worse than vandalism was an intuitively keen move, but shows your lack for judgement – I am too smart to break any real law.”

It’s likely that police were alarmed by an earlier Facebook posting he made on August 12, 2014, directly threatening “vigilante justice” against both Edwards and Imperial Metals president Brian Kynoch. His words were alarming, not much different than what one would expect from the Unabomber:

“I have suffered in ways you two would never understand. You rob and steal, you destroy and pollute, and you shamelessly wear your guise. Then you call it progress and production. You are the lowest of the low. Killers and rapists usually only have a few victims. You two rape the earth and kill millions of beings. You might think you’ll get away with this. But you never will.”

After describing his personal feelings he went on to write what sounds an awful lot like he was uttering threats against the two executives:

“There are plenty of people just like me. There are plenty that you cannot see. But you still better be worrying about me. Take a look at my pics, you scumbags. Take a look at my life. Look at what I do. I don’t fuck around. I never lie and I never back down. I never forgive and I never forget. One day… one day very soon, you two rapist murderers will turn around and I will be there. I don’t pull punches – never did.”

And just to be sure they got the message, he threw in a bit more craziness saying:

“You better call your gangsters and have me taken down… because I am coming. When vigilante justice is all that is left, then the vigilantes will rise. It is called supply and demand; you know all about that, don’t ya? You just created a demand. There is now an open market on your payback. And I got dibs.”

Still No Response From The Green Party

Promises, promises...

They sure have spent a lot of time reading my emails though…

I contacted the Green Party’s media representatives for comment, and as with Monday’s story there’s been no response. It seems they think that if they don’t say anything that the problem will just go away. It won’t, this is the tip of the iceberg, there’s much more to come about why the Greens and their leader Elizabeth May aren’t qualified to be in office.

Stay tuned for an upcoming story on how the Greens have appropriated First Nations issues, amplifying the voices of small minorities over the majority of their communities. There’ll be more about Clow, his abusive behavior to a group of BC First Nations activists, and conflict with David Suzuki’s grandson Tamo Campos.

We’ll also explore how Vancouver Green candidate Lisa Barrett helped finance a disreputable group of professional protesters in the Clayoquot Sound area who ran a stealth attack on a fish farm while local First Nations leaders were out of the country and unable to respond.

I’ll leave you with a video of Clow and his cop-baiting friend Derek Soberal harassing (and getting busted) by Toronto police after they were refused entry to a bar in 2010- classy…

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