Olivia Chow, Tommy Douglas, And The Shameful History Of “Progressive” NDP Values

Olivia Chow marched with her bicycle and stolen milk crate...

Olivia Chow marched with her bicycle and (progressively) stolen milk crate…

Shortly after every debate my email box gets filled with messages from each party claiming “our guy won!” Olivia Chow sent one just a few minutes ago, beginning with the claim that “Tom Mulcair reminded us all that only the NDP stands up for Canadian values”. Next she pulled-out the Tommy Douglas card, reminding Canadians that it’s only the NDP that’s championed progressive values:

“Another Tom, Tommy Douglas, stood up to another Trudeau when Pierre took away the rights of many Canadians in enacting the War Measures Act of 1970.

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose? Today, Justin Trudeau still fails to stand up to Stephen Harper’s spy bill C-51. Are those Canadian values? Or as Tom reminded us, is it a progressive Canadian value to support the Keystone XL pipeline like Trudeau and Harper do?”

Yes, Tommy Douglas, Canada’s heroic bastion of progressive values! The man whose 1933 master’s thesis forwarded the great science of eugenics! And let’s not forget his views of homosexuality! Tommy Douglas made Rob Ford look like Harvey Milk…


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