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Nov 27

#BurnabyMountain Unmasked II Preview: David Suzuki, Occupy, Idle No More & Harsha Walia

Burnaby Mountain had a special guest last Thursday when David Suzuki’s grandson Tamo Campos showed up on the scene. Things got bad that day; despite the protester’s claims of running a peaceful camp, the crowd got heated and started pushing its way into and yelling insults at a line of RCMP officers. After some careful …

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Jun 20

[Updated] The Occupy And G20 Anarchists Behind The Scene At The Enbridge Pipeline Hijacking…

UPDATE: The Media Co-Op has removed Trish Mills’ story from their website. A cached version is available here. A group of people have occupied a pipeline pumping station today. Enbridge has put in an application to reverse the flow of “Line 9” from the current east-to-west, to carry oil from west-to-east. The protesters are concerned …

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Jun 16

Kent County Protests: Why We Can’t Trust The Sierra Club & Council Of Canadians To Protect The Environment…

People have gathered in Kent County this week to protest an energy company that’s recently begun exploring for sources of natural gas in local shale formations. SWN Resources has brought in ‘thumper’ trucks to do the job- seismic surveying tools that send (harmless) shock waves into the earth that are used to map underground rock …

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Dec 16

Professor David McNally On Marxisms (feat. Zach Ruiter & The Occupy Hijackers…)

In my very long article on the ruckus at the University of Toronto, I mentioned a professor from York University professor David McNally. In the article I called for him, and others, to take leadership in helping fix Toronto’s problem with group political bullying. Well, less than 24 hours later- anti-nuclear anarchist Zach Ruiter released …

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Nov 21

Justin Trudeau Meets Alternative Media- Scurries Out Of The Ring… (feat. Dan Dicks & Fluoride)

Among the many things that trouble me most about Canadian politics these days, one of them is Justin Trudeau. I’m not sure if that’s because he’s too pretty, or because of my dislike of dynasties. I really don’t know too much about his policies yet- it’s something  I keep planning to look into. But, my …

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