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What If Harper Was A Dictator? (WWHD)

I don’t believe that Harper is a dictator- quite the opposite. To call Harper a dictator would be an insult to history’s great dictators. A better description for him would be a Dictaphone. He records what his masters (and sometimes his constituency) ask for and he plays it back to the people. If not a Dictaphone, perhaps …

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Dark Knight Rises: View From An Occupy Dissident…

  I went to see The Dark Knight with a friend, and another former Occupier analyst last night. Patrick Ross suggested I go see the movie and write a review from the perspective of an Occupy Dissident. I’m glad I did, the movie was great- it was entertaining, and had great special effects. It wasn’t …

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Video: Is Aurora Shooter James Holmes On The Autism Scale?

  Here’s an interesting speculation from Joe Scarborough on CNBC, who has a son who has Aspergers, speculates whether James Holmes has autism. It is purely speculation, but an interesting possibility. Or, is he just grabbing at straws to fill airtime? Here’s the video…

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Has James Holmes Been Drugged In Jail?

Has James Holmes been drugged while he has been in jail? Reporters on the scene asked prosecutors this question and they said that they didn’t know- their only response was that he is being held in solitary. Looking at the video, he can hardly keep his eyes open. Is he just not sleeping, or is there …

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Aurora Theatre Shooting: Police Are Looking For James Holmes’ Former Classmate!

  According to a report by Denver’s Fox31 TV news station, police are now looking for a “second person of interest” in the aurora shooting! This leads me to believe that the eyewitness accounts of a second person being involved could be true!

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