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Exciting New Occupy Documentary Premiers In Vancouver On October 15th!

There is some exciting news coming-up on the Occupy documentary front. The Occupation Documentary is being premièred in Vancouver on October 15th.  The film was made by Rafferty Baker and Matthew J. Van Deventer, two BCIT journalism students who were present (with video camera) every day at Occupy Vancouver. If something significant happened at Occupy Vancouver, they probably got …

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The Continuing Incompetence Of The Toronto Police (And Detective Anthony Williams of 14 Division)

I wrote a while ago about my assault by Occupy Toronto’s Black Bloc in a park in Kensington Market. It was vicious- a guy named Alex came charging at me with a thick flagpole, smashed me over the head with it and nearly cracked my skull. Next, a group of cowards came running to join-in …

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Occupy’s Anniversary: My Appearance On CBC’s The National…

I was contacted last week by one of the producers at the CBC. He had read some of my stories here, and was interested to take with me about my story about leaving the Occupy movement- it was the story where I discussed the 5% vs the 99%. It seemed like it could be a …

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Occupy’s Greatest Debate: Evolution vs Revolution (For the hell of it…)

One of the most popular songs at Occupy Vancouver’s opening day was the Beatles’ Revolution. I remember when it came on the first time, shortly after I did my first speech on taking corporate money out of politics. I was excited and pumped-up after speaking to the crowd- they loved my proposal and I already …

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Curiouser and Curiouser… (feat. Anthony James Hall & Jason Bowman!)

So, I’m looking at the website that Jason Bowman to further his scam against the people of the Six Nations, and I run across something incredibly curious. The screenshot is above- showing people who have “liked” Bowman’s site on Facebook. See the guy on the bottom-left?

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