The Continuing Incompetence Of The Toronto Police (And Detective Anthony Williams of 14 Division)

I wrote a while ago about my assault by Occupy Toronto’s Black Bloc in a park in Kensington Market. It was vicious- a guy named Alex came charging at me with a thick flagpole, smashed me over the head with it and nearly cracked my skull. Next, a group of cowards came running to join-in and kick me while I was down on the ground with blood running out from my skull. It was a real classy moment, and a peek into why activists must reject Black Bloc involvement in their events…

Shortly before Alex came running up to me, I saw him talking with a guy named Adam. Adam looked me in the eyes just before Alex came charging at me- I’ll never forget that moment. I’ll be honest with you, I can’t be 100% certain if he was one of the people who physically assaulted me (blood was clouding my eyes)- but, I am certain he was there, and he has the information of who else was there.

I pointed-out Adam to the Toronto Police (in-person) four weeks after. They called the detective who was in charge of my case, they then told me that they didn’t need to stop him because they already know his full name. Then, a few weeks later, Detective Williams of the 14 Division told me that he didn’t know who Adam was.

Adam (on the left) and Alex (on the right)

What incompetence…

Well, the incompetence runs deep at the TPS it seems. Adam’s picture was on both the CBC and the Toronto Star today. A number of people have seen him at other events too, But, for some reason, Detective Williams is having a problem finding this very public personality.

Adam (from the picture above)

What’s up with that?I have a question for my readers. Why do you think the TPS aren’t doing anything? Are they stupid? Are they lazy? Perhaps they are just simply corrupt?

It’s astounding really…

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