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Mar 02

Hollyhock’s Plastic Shaman Part I: Cultural Appropriation Didjeridu! (Feat. TIDES Canada)

Introduction Hollyhock is a New Age retreat on the southern tip of Cortes Island, BC. The resort was built by Greenpeace International co-founder Rex Weyler, a controversial figure who (along with Vancouver Observer editor and Hollyhocker Linda Solomon) has falsely claimed to be a Pulitzer Prize Nominee. No other New Age resort on earth can boast …

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Jan 03

Idle No More Unmasked Part I: What Didn’t The Suzuki Foundation Disclose In Their Letter To Stephen Harper?

Introduction: Idle No More, so the legend tells us, is a grassroots movement started by four indigenous women from Saskatchewan who were unhappy with parts of the federal government budget bill C-45. The movement’s message inspired protests across the country- most were peaceful, but there were incidents where militants took advantage leading blockades, and tampering …

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Jan 06

Attawapiskat’s Problematic Investment Portfolio- And how it conflicts with #IdleNoMore’s values…

There’s been a lot of discussion this week about Attawapiskat’s investment portfolio. Investments are made in the name of the Attawapiskat Trust- a fund that was setup in 2007 to receive payments from De Beer’s for income from the Victor Diamond Mine. The trust’s documentation is available for download from Attawapiskat website, it’s an interesting read. …

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Dec 12

How HSBC Proved The Occupy Was A Failure…

I’m sure you’ve heard the news about HSBC by now- the US Government has decided not to pass indictments against them for money laundering. And the reason? Well, it appears that HSBC is too big to jail. What we’ve been told to believe is that if they arrest executives at HSBC, the entire banking system …

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Oct 10

Occupy Love: The Old-Left Hijacks Occupy’s History… (feat. Judy Rebick, Naomi Klein & Michael Moore?)

The old-left’s exploitation of the Occupy movement has been monumental. As soon as Occupy started, they came out with their fangs showing and grasped all the power they could. They came from all sides- radical feminists, entryist marxists, and several flavours of watermelon environmentalists (green on the surface, red on the inside.) Each of them wrestled …

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