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The Soros/TIDES Canada Black Bloc Anti-Pipeline Alliance…

I’ve been doing a bit more research on the anti-pipeline camp going on this week in northern BC. I wrote last week how the camp is being organized by groups including No One Is Illegal, Deep Green Resistance and the Sierra Club. Today I have some more participants to share with you- most of which …

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Dark Knight Rises: View From An Occupy Dissident…

  I went to see The Dark Knight with a friend, and another former Occupier analyst last night. Patrick Ross suggested I go see the movie and write a review from the perspective of an Occupy Dissident. I’m glad I did, the movie was great- it was entertaining, and had great special effects. It wasn’t …

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The Black Bloc Have Honoured Me With A Personalized Chant!

There’s a funny thing about Toronto’s anarcho-primitivist community. On the one hand, they are complete attention whores- putting on a show for every TV camera they see. But, every time they see me with a camera, they feel the need to swear, issue threats, and try to block my filming. Even in a crowd where …

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What’s Going Wrong With The Student Fee Protests?

It was another beautiful day for a demonstration- the sun was shining and was mercifully accompanied by a cool soothing breeze. Spirits were high when I arrived on the scene. There was a small contingent of police- less than usual, I’m guessing this was related to Prince Charles’ visit…

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Black Bloc Unmasked: Occupy Toronto Has A Terrorist Problem!

Remember this guy? Well, his name is Ian (not so) Smart, and it appears he supports terrorism!

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