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Jan 30

The Continuing Saga Of Jason “Reacharound” Bowman… (feat. Mohawk Workers)

Jason Bowman is a self-proclaimed ‘white saviour’. He first came to attention during the Kevin Annett fraud– when he and Annett made the (fraudulent) claim of filing a lawsuit against the Queen, the government and the Pope. Then there was Bowman’s infamous press conference where he asked me for a reacharound. Unfortunately for them, I …

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Nov 19

(Updated) Hate Speech: The Infamous Jenny Peto Discredits Anti-Oppression Struggles…

Update: I originally described Richard Klagsbrun as a conservative- he has corrected me that his views are more centrist/libertarian- I can see that, he’s a very reasonable person… ——————- I was walking through the crowd at last night’s anti Jewish National Fund rally (as an observer) quietly filming the crowd when I heard someone behind …

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Nov 05

United Nations Recognizes The Jason “Reacharound” Bowman Society For Citizen Prosecutors!

Last week our old friend (or should that be fiend) Jason “Reacharound” Bowman tried to intimidate the Brantford city council by saying that the Mohawk Workers have initiated a partnership with the United Nations. I could immediately tell that Bowman was full of crap (his mouth was moving), so I decided to do a bit …

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Nov 05

Jason Bowman, Bill Squire, Bullshit & Trailer Park Supervisors…

Nobody would have guessed that in the battle between Jason Bowman and Kevin Annett that Bowman could possibly come on-top. After all, Bowman was caught red-handed in a lie that he had filed a case in Toronto’s federal court. Once it became apparent that he didn’t show-up at the courthouse, most reasonable people figured that …

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Nov 03

Land Claims: “Citizen Prosecutor” Jason Bowman Fails The Mohawks Again! (feat. CUPE 3903)

Doreen Agostino (a new-age peddler of eternal energy machines) once said that Jason “Reacharound” Bowman was the most experienced Citizen Prosecutor she’s ever met. That’s quite the compliment- well, it is until you understand that Citizen Prosecutor was a phrase Bowman made-up to help him sound more dignified during his frauds. It’s Bowman’s way of …

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