(Updated) Hate Speech: The Infamous Jenny Peto Discredits Anti-Oppression Struggles…

Jenny Peto: Hater of the Week!

Update: I originally described Richard Klagsbrun as a conservative- he has corrected me that his views are more centrist/libertarian- I can see that, he’s a very reasonable person…


I was walking through the crowd at last night’s anti Jewish National Fund rally (as an observer) quietly filming the crowd when I heard someone behind me make claims that I’m a racist, sexist homophobe. My first reaction was to think “oh yeah, I’m at an old-left rally- it was bound to happen. This is what they do when they disagree with someone- start throwing around unfounded hate. Using anti-oppression as a weapon is the old-left’s ultimate form of oppression…

She then looked at me and accused me of being homophobic. Unfortunately for her, she made a big mistake. You see, I am the only straight man living in the house I’m in- and, I am totally comfortable in this environment. You could see her deflating when she realized her fatal error. She responded with a sarcastic “good for you!”.

As the conversation continued, I asked her what she knew that would make her say such terrible things against me. And, of course, she didn’t have an answer. I’d never seen nor heard of this woman before, and it was puzzling why she would be taking such an active role in slandering me. At first, I thought she was just a lost sheeple who had fallen into old-left groupthink.

A few minutes later I ran into Richard Klagsbrun – a conservative blogger who writes Eye On A Crazy Planet. I met at the No One Is Illegal rally against Jason Kenney. I like Richard, our politics are rather different in many areas, but we can still talk to each other respectfully. That’s what the world needs to see- people from all political parts of the political spectrum engaging in honest conversation. Yesterday’s rally was the opposite of that.

Richard began sharing his knowledge on some of the people at the rally, the first person he pointed out to me was Jenny Peto. I laughed when he pointed her out to me saying- “that’s the same woman who was just slandering me!”. Well, it turns out that Peto is quite the character.

First, she is one of the members of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA)- a hate group who have been a divisive force in Toronto’s Gay Pride. I call them a hate group because they act in hate- yelling out accusations of racism and hate at what’s supposed to be a unifying event. Regardless of one’s feelings on the Israel/Palestine situation- most people agree that this organization is the opposite of what Pride stands for. Anyhow, this is why she attacked me- I’ve written about and exposed the anarchists behind QuAIA.

Peto made a name for herself back in 2010, during the Jenny Peto Scandal at the Ontario Institute for Studies In Education. OISE is a place I know well because it’s where the Occupy Toronto Activistorats have held many of their meetings. They are also a very far-left leaning school- many people are uncomfortable about this as they believe that teachers should be more politically neutral than they often are. I agree with this entirely, it scares the bejezus out of me to imagine a state institution teaching political values- schools need to be neutral and to teach critical thinking skills rather than dogma.

Peto wrote a paper at OISE titled “The Victimhood of the Powerful: White Jews, Zionism and the Racism of Hegemonic Holocaust Education”. It was so vile, and full of illogical conclusions that eventually it became a laughing stock across the country. Ultimately, a former University of British Columbia professor did an audit on papers submitted at OISE. His conclusion was that OISE has some serious problems.

Peto is the poster-girl for those problems, and yesterday’s performance only confirmed that. It scares the holly bejezus out of me to imagine she could be a teacher one day. In many ways, she’s the Sasha Wiley-Shaw of Eastern Canada. She’s also OISE’s Jason Bowman– her family joined in on her public disgrace when her brother wrote a letter to the National Post. She said that her Jewish Grandmother would have supported her ‘Israeli apartheid’ activism, her brother quite vocally disagreed.

As much as Peto helped discredit OISE with her (arguably racist) paper, she also discredited the cause for anti-homophobia. She’s a lesbian, and therefore (unfortunately) likely to be the victim of a homophobic attack sometime in the future. The next time that happens, people may take her accusations less seriously- this gives the real homophobes more opportunity to act with impunity.

I hope she’s proud of herself…

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