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Aug 09

The Soros/TIDES Canada Black Bloc Anti-Pipeline Alliance…

I’ve been doing a bit more research on the anti-pipeline camp going on this week in northern BC. I wrote last week how the camp is being organized by groups including No One Is Illegal, Deep Green Resistance and the Sierra Club. Today I have some more participants to share with you- most of which …

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Aug 06

(Updated!) The Story Of My Stalker, Alex Hundert (featuring Judy Rebick & Krystalline Kraus)

UPDATE: Krystalline Kraus, of Rabble.ca decided to make my case a bit stronger today- in retaliation for this article, she decided to tweet out Alex Hundert’s website and get it more publicity. Thank you Krystalline, this shows us the quality of journalism at Rabble.ca (meaning, it’s non-existent). ———————————– November 12th, 2011 was the first day …

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Aug 02

Why Eco-Terrorism Is A Real, And Present, Danger to British Columbia…

There’s been a lot of debate about eco-terrorism this past week. It all came out of an RCMP report that was released on a freedom of information request. Greenpeace was mentioned in this report, and they fought back against it this week– albeit poorly. As usual with the left-right paradigm- both sides of the argument …

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Aug 01

Updated: The Mystery Of The G20 Hairy Legs Gets Thicker…

UPDATE: The press conference has been held, and I have identified one the the ‘hairy leg 7’. Her name is Alicia Ridge, from Hamilton. I don’t have much information yet- but, have discovered she is a member of the website of the anarchist-run Media Co-Op. More to come… ———————– Yesterday I wrote a quick update …

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Jul 31

Updated: G20 Anarchist Kelly Pflug-Back Compares Herself To Jesus!

UPDATE: The Case of The Hairy Legs! A story just came out a short while ago about some women who are initiating a G20 lawsuit because they were profiled by the police because they had ‘hairy legs’. There was a quote in the article that immediately caught my attention: According to the lawyer, the provincial …

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