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Will Vancouver Police Allow Pro-Violence Activists To Start A New Tent City?

After several months of mayhem, and allegations of a neighbourhood crime spree, a BC court has finally called for the shutdown of Victoria’s “homeless” tent city.┬áChief Justice Christopher Hinkson ruled in a 40-page document that the tent city is both a danger to the people living inside of it and the local community its residents …

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Dear Vancouver Media: Here’s The Truth About The Commercial Drive “Street Party”

On the evening of May 1st a gang of anti-police “activists” created chaos in Vancouver’s Commercial Drive neighbourhood. It all started out okay, with a barbeque and music in the park followed-up by speeches by activists from the labour movement, communists, and other affiliated activists. But then all hell broke loose when a group of …

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May Day Violence In Vancouver! (Feat. Dan Wallace, Shirley Samples, Green Party, NDP)

Vancouver’s May Day celebrations have had a history of violence over recent years. Things started to heat up in 2013 when Vancouver Police allowed a group of masked thugs to march through downtown with flaming torches and swarming the entrance to the PIDGIN restaurant- a couple of days later anarchists burned down and East Vancouver …

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#ShutDownCanada Protesters Make False “Assault” Accusation Against Vancouver Police (Feat. Audrey Siegl)

Audrey Siegl is one of Vancouver’s most prolific protesters, if there’s a protest going on it’s likely she will be there. She’s recently been seen at the #BurnabyMountain protests, she was a spokesperson for the Oppenheimer Park occupation, she was at a protest against farmed salmon in-front of a Costco store, she was a participant …

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Planning A Life Of Crime? Move To Vancouver! (Feat. Vancouver Police Department)

On the morning of January 11th at about 10am a man walked into the Waves coffee shop at 305 Main Street in Vancouver. Shortly after the young woman working alone behind the counter opened the till, the man grabbed some money, and ran away. Officers were dispatched after someone called 911 and officers from the …

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