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Is ForestEthics Gravitating Towards The Militants Now? (Feat. Ben West, Gord Hill)

To steal a phrase used by TIDES Canada, our country’s environmental movements often bring together some strange bedfellows. The most striking of these relationships has to be the partnership with Green Party leader Elizabeth May and the Council of Canadians leader Maude Barlow- May is outspoken against violence (albeit in a strangely twisted manner), while Barlow …

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[Updated] Vancouver Activist House Raided In Anti-Pipeline Vandalism Investigation (Feat. Gord Hill)

Update: Quell surprise, Ben West of ForestEthics has complained that the police were too heavy-handed… Vancouver has been experiencing a Vandalism problem over the past few months. A person (or persons) have been prolifically spray painting “No Pipelines” on buildings across the east side of the city. The graffiti is in no way artistic; and in …

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[Updated] Anarchist Mayhem In Vancouver: Three Pipeline Protesters Arrested!

Update: Someone just shared an interesting video of Sasha Wiley-Shaw (sharing a stage with NDP MP Libby Davies) saying that Davies “has been a political mentor of mine since my childhood”, and then discussing the incident in 2012. Very interesting, and answers a few questions… Update 2: The arrested cyclist is Jakub Markiewicz, whose prior claim to …

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COPE Executive Arrested For Theft, Assault & Mischief At Pidgin Restaurant Protest (feat. Kim Hearty)

Yesterday I broke the story about The Case of the Disappearing Pickle– a fake pickle mascot that protesters left unattended at the door of the Pidgin restaurant. The pickle was taken by away by someone at the restaurant, yesterday the Vancouver Police confirmed that the pickle was being held in their custody. It turns out …

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The Case Of The Disappearing Pickle And The Continuing Agitation At The Pidgin Restaurant

If there’s one thing that can be agreed on since Vancouver radicals upped the ante with an arson in May- the city is in a bit of a pickle. There are individuals in the Downtown Eastside who’ve been radicalizing parts of the community for years. And, now, it’s got to the point where political extremists are running around …

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