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Toronto Police: Officer R. Oulett #99554 Gone Wild! (feat. Israeli & Palestinian Protesters)

One of the more interesting parts of reporting on what’s happening in the protester world has been observing how the police have reacted to the protesters. It’s always a bit of a delicate balance- some cops have been highly professional, some not, and a couple escalated situations to the point here there was severe violence. With …

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MediaWatch: Megaphone Misses The Boat On Vancouver DTES Policing…

 Someone shared an article from Vancouver’s Megaphone magazine with me today- there’s so much wrong with this story I hardly know where to start.  The story is about how Darrell Barnes, a mentally ill man who lived in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) was shot and killed by the police. They first started shooting him with …

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Vancouver Cop Watch Insults, Threatens & Spits Racist Abuse At The Police (feat. David Eby)

You may remember back in June when I covered the story of how Vancouver Cop Watch’s Jennifer Allan hoodwinked Bill Good on CKNW. Jennifer told Good that Cop Watch’s purpose was to politely observe the police, and to build positive relationships with them. I spoke with Jennifer after that, and she told me that there …

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Vancouver DTES Street Nurse Bonnie Fournier Shares Her Inside Knowledge Of Organized Crime!

 Bonnie Fournier, a retired Vancouver Coastal Health street nurse, a supposed (but rejected) witness to the crimes of Robert Pickton, and online bully expressed her in-depth knowledge of organized crime on Vancouver Cop Watch’s Facebook page yesterday!

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#MassiveFAIL: Police Use LRAD On Vancouver Casseroles Last Night!

Last night’s Casseroles march was, of course, a small group of about 20-30 idiots who felt it was permissible to block the Burrard Street Bridge last night. Somehow they thought that their ‘right to protest’ overruled the rights of 100’s of Vancouverites to travel unhindered through the city. These people really need to grow-up.

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