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Vancouver Cop Watch’s Jamie Stuart Richardson Arrested For Forgery!

  I’m not sure how it happens, but when I get a hunch about somebody I’m often right. Jamie Stuart Richardson is the co-founder of Vancouver Cop Watch- or, the tail that was barking as i mentioned in my story. Jamie was responsible for some of Cop Watch’s more distasteful messages like this one he …

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COPE’s Tim Louis Should Be Deeply Ashamed With Himself!

  A person who is an active member of Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) came to me a couple of weeks ago and warned that Tim Louis has been hanging out with a bad crowd. I have deep trust in this source- but, I almost couldn’t believe what they said at first. I’ve met Tim a couple …

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MediaWatch: Stephen Collis, A Good Reason Not To Attend SFU

  School has now ended, and many new graduates are still working on the choice of which university they will attend this fall. Well, let me help you out with this one- if you are planning to get a degree in English, let me recommend that it may be a good choice to avoid SFU. …

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An “Honest” Assessment Of Police Relations From A Vancouver Asseroles (sic) Arrestee

If you want to understand the mindset of the people who were arrested at last week’s Vancouver Casseroles march, there’s an interesting document that has been posted on Facebook by one of their arrestees. Interesting, in a sick & demented kind of a way that is- this guy is way off the charts on the …

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Who Is Sasha Wiley-Shaw And What Is Her Agenda?

  The shenanigans at Vancouver’s Casseroles Gone Stupid march are no coincidence- we aren’t talking about an innocent young teacher who was randomly attacked by the police. The real story is about a group of politically connected professional activists who were out to create a media storm. This is a group of people with deep connections to …

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