Racist Organizes Toronto Trump Protest, Oppression Olympics Ensues! (Feat. Wesley Williams)

University of Toronto Student Union Exec Cassandra Williams spoke too

At 2pm Friday afternoon, while their American counterparts were charging through Washington DC on a violent rampage, a group of Toronto anarcho-kiddies kicked-off an “Anti-Fascist Rally And March” to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration. Organisers described the event on its Facebook page as “a day of action and resistance” created “in defiance of fascism and hatred at home and abroad”.

If you’re already familiar with organisers Wesley Williams (a.k.a. Quasir Ali) and Lane Patriquin then you’ve probably already busted your gut laughing. Both were present and spoke at a hardcore racist Trump protest back in November, and both took prominent roles in the mayhem during Dr. Jordan Petersons October demonstration at the University of Toronto.

Williams is also well known for the racist patch he wore at a 2015 Black Lives Matter protest- “I am the Death of the Palefaces”, it declared!

Barely a handful or two showed up for the protest. So despite Williams calling for “diversity of tactics”, there wasn’t much of an opportunity for violence with an almost equal balance of cops and protesters. Observers and clickbait hungry media were instead awarded by a world-class demonstration of Oppression Olympics and tragically stupid rhetoric that might make even Justin Trudeau blush.

Williams kicked-off the event demonstrating his complete ignorance of the “fascists” he claimed to be protesting. Somehow he managed to conflate Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media as being comrades with James Sear’s New Constitution Party. It’s an absurdity, of course- Ezra is Jewish and a strong supporter of Israel, and Sears is a Holocaust denier with a reputation for publishing anti-Semitic “satire” and theories of global Zionist conspiracies.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are closer allies– dummy!

Yes, they really were that stupid!

Most of the signs were produced in advance by Williams and his comrades, but one protester showed up with what’s possibly the most stupid sign I’ve seen at a Toronto protest.  “Say No To Fascism, Never Again! White Supremacy Must Go!”, it read.

There was a hammer and sickle drawn the left side of the sign, and an ultra-hip lame anarchy symbol on the right. Ignoring the fact that exponentially more people were murdered by the Soviet Union than all of the world’s fascist regimes combined, it’s unbelievably stupid to equate anarchism and Soviet communism as compatible in any way shape or form. They’re polar opposites- dummy!

Socialist Obedience Cults of the World Unite!

As the protest’s speakers introduced themselves it was quickly apparent we were observing the beloved anarcho-kiddie sport of Oppression Olympics. A young high school student who was skipping school claimed she identifies as a “queer person of colour” who’s “non-binary” and uses “they and them pronouns”. Another young woman trumped (pun intended) the high school student’s “intersectionality” as a “mentally ill”, “queer”, “non-binary”, “Muslim”. “As you tell,” she boasted, “I’m fairly intersectional!”

In total, three of the day’s speakers identified as having a mental illness- but I’m sure that doesn’t come as a surprise. Sadly, Toronto’s SJW community preys on people with mental illnesses.

But Stalinists & Trotskyites are welcome!

The most shocking (or perhaps over-dramatic) statement by one of the speakers was that Trump’s election “fucking makes me want to kill myself!”. She also explained how the election makes her friend in Alabama “fucking want to kill herself. It’s probably only hyperbole, but if not, let’s hope her anarcho-friends keep a close eye on her.

As the first round of speakers finished, Williams led the pack on a march from City Hall to the US Consulate. They made a quick jump into the middle of traffic on University Ave, but the police just as quickly corraled them onto the sidewalk. They then set up their speakers and went for another round of misinformed ideas- and hyper-dramatics that would make a three-year-old blush.

A driver passed by and yelled out of his window, “get over it, stupid!”

As the speakers wound down and the protesters prepared to leave Lane Patriquin acted as the conductor leading the crowd singing a round of Solidarity Forever (the union makes us strong!). It was a telling moment, the organisers might want us to believe they’re genuine “f**k the system” anarchists- but they’re in reality propping up an old world power structure that’s mostly lead by the highly paid ($300K+) white males they claim to oppose.

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