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Meet The Hardcore Racists Featured At Toronto’s “Anti-Racist” Trump Protest

After days of American protests against President Elect Trump, the usual suspects from Toronto’s Social Justice Warrior scene held their own protest today. The Nathan Phillips Square event was billed as an “anti-racist” protest. And like the vast majority of Toronto’s “anti-racist” protests, today’s hypocritically featured three of the city’s most overtly racist SJWs- and a …

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#OccupyINAC Announces Shutdown, Exploits Attawapiskat Kids For Local Gain (Feat Leap Manifesto)

Big news came out of Occupy INAC last night. After eight days of occupying the Toronto office, seven days occupying Winnipeg and three days in Vancouver, protest organizers announced last night that they intend to stand down and walk away. That said, they haven’t vacated INAC’s offices yet. Further demonstrating their shameless quest to get …

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Updated: “Activists” Sabotaged Enbridge’s Line 7 Pipeline (Feat. Sakura Saunders)

Update: A story just released by Reuters has confirmed that the protesters “partially” shut-down Line 7, there was no impact on deliveries. Once again, this site beat the mainstream media to the story by many hours. According to a posting on Reddit’s Anarchist News page this morning, criminalized activists took the dangerously stupid path of …

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Harm Reduction Gurus Donate To Violent Extremist Camp! (Feat. Gabor Maté, Bruce Alexander)

The Unist’ot’en Camp is a protest site in northern BC, not too far from the town of Houston. The camp is a collaboration between a couple of First Nations activists and radical violence promoting anarchists from Vancouver and Victoria. Camp spokespeople claim that they’re positioned at the exact junction of several planned pipelines. They’ve warned …

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Earth Day Gone Stupid: #Line9 Protesters Attack The Wrong Company! (Feat. Sakura Saunders)

Today was a big event for Canada’s socialist obedience cults, the 145th anniversary of Vladimir Lenin’s birth! Most intelligent people (and dogs, my Hungarian born Beagle urinated on his tomb when we lived in Moscow) would be repelled by the idea of celebrating the birthday of such an evil man. Luckily for the obedience cults, there’s no …

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