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Why Are George Soros’ Marxists Targeting Peter Munk & Barrick Gold?

It was just over a month ago when I first approached the subject of Barrick Gold. I wrote a story about how Sakura Saunders had told a couple of my sources that ProtestBarrick.net had got funding through the TIDES Foundation’s money laundering facility, and how there was a potential that George Soros was using them …

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Get Your Waffle On At The House Of International Socialists!

This is quite possibly the most important story I’ve ever written… Here’s an interesting video from 1969- just before the NDP convention, with a group of politicos self-identified as The Waffle. Notice the participants include (associate of Judy Rebick) Ed Broadbent, and a union leader! One can sense here the ‘usual suspects’ behind the Canadian …

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How The 5% Hijacked Occupy Toronto (And how they’re 100% illegitimate)

There are a group of people who have been trying to wrestle control of Occupy Toronto from since the beginning- I’ve already¬†referred¬†to them as “the 5%”. It could be possible to argue that they are the people who kick-started the movement, but that would be unfair to the 95% of Toronto’s Occupiers who came with …

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Open Letter to Sakura Saunders

Dear Sakura, I heard you talking at today’s GA- you wern’t very nice to me I must say. And, you made a lot of ad-hominem accusations about me- but not a single one of them was backed with something tangible. What’s up with that Sakura? You also said that my article about Barrick Gold was …

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