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Pssst- Wanna Invest In a Zimbabwe Gold Mine? (feat. Jason Bowman)

By this point, based on what we can see Bowman appears to be a fraud. After all, if he was really telling the truth, and he really had skills as a prosecutor, he’d be suing me now instead of taking lame attempts to get my blog taken down. But, I’ve gathered a lot of information …

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The Exploitation Of Angela Turvey (feat. Cop Watch, OccupyBayStreet, Occupy Toronto & Media Co-Op)

I‘ll never forget the day that Angela Turvey and John Erb were hospitalized– it was an incident that seriously challenged my views on the police. I was sitting at home writing an article, when I got a phone call from one of the people who had occupied Osgoode Hall. They told me that the police …

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A Letter To Sakura Saunders- You Disgust Me!

Dear Sakura, I’ve been disappointed with you since you first started telling lies about me– but, that I can handle. I understand how people inside of your cult can’t help yourselves when you have been criticised. But, it was sad to see how you and your friends killed the soul of Occupy Toronto… I was …

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The Final Evidence That Kevin Annett Is A Con Artist! (Jason Bowman Too…)

I wrote yesterday about Kevin Annett’s announcement that he was going to file a court case against the Queen, Harper, and ‘big pharma’. Well, if you had any doubt if they were lying after reading my last article, all of that doubt should be gone now. Not only are these guys liars- they are bad …

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An Important Message To The People Of Occupy Toronto!

Have you ever wondered how the Activistocrats were able to take control of your movement? How did slimeballs like Sakura Saunders (who supports the use of violence, and uses accusations of racism as a weapon) con you into believing them and supporting their causes? What can you do to stop it?

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