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Sakura Saunders: The Lady Doth Protest Too Much Methinks…

One of the most prominent bullies I met through the Occupy movement was Sakura Saunders. She was part of a group of people there who followed the Ruckus Society manual’s section on ostracism and used bullying techniques to push-out people who disagreed with their anarchist tactics. In my case, Saunders helped dedicate an entire General Assembly …

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The Continuing Saga Of Jason “Reacharound” Bowman… (feat. Mohawk Workers)

Jason Bowman is a self-proclaimed ‘white saviour’. He first came to attention during the Kevin Annett fraud– when he and Annett made the (fraudulent) claim of filing a lawsuit against the Queen, the government and the Pope. Then there was Bowman’s infamous press conference where he asked me for a reacharound. Unfortunately for them, I …

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The Toronto Star Hits A Home Run For The Anarchists! (feat. Antonia Zerbisias & Alex Hundert)

In a situation that should be concerning to most Canadians, there are members of our country’s media who’ve been actively promoting the anarchists behind the chaos at the Toronto G20. Some journalists have tried to label them as ‘political prisoners’, others tried to minimize the anarchist’s crimes. Others have taken a more dangerous route- writing …

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Chilling Effects: Is Victoria Anarchist Zoe Blunt Making A Mockery Of The Courts? (Feat. Tracie Marie Park)

Back in October a group of activists with We Are Change Victoria (WACV) organized what they called a ‘Solutions Rally. It was a refreshingly unique idea. Rather than yelling, complaining and blocking traffic they would instead talk about how things could be made better. So, they got a permit, got the setup a stage, a sound …

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Rabble, The Toronto Star, Alex Hundert, Solitary Confinement & Dirty Tricks… (feat. Antonia Zerbisias)

Since the G20, there’s been a disturbing trend with some parts of the media. Rather than being critical of the criminals who trained and led the forces of destruction they’ve instead re-framed them as political prisoners and jailhouse activist heroes. It’s a sick, twisted, logic- the type of stuff that makes Dick Cheney giggle like a schoolgirl.Rabble.ca …

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