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University of Toronto Teaching Assistant Speaks About Mandated Sensitivity Training

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Video: UofT Free Speech Student Calls Out SJW’s Lies, Racism, Violence, & Arrests

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Open Letter to Maryam Monsef: I’ve Shown You Mine, Now You Show Me Yours!

Hi Maryam,I’ve been watching the media’s coverage of your “birthergate” controversy closely since it began. I don’t envy you right now, politics is a dirty game. That said, you seem like a smart cookie, so I’m guessing you knew what you stepped into when you decided to launch your campaign.If we’ve learned anything from Barak …

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Free Speech Students Publish Powerful Open Letter to University of Toronto Administration

Update: The students have setup a change.org petition, if you support their cause please click here and sign!Frustrated by the media and administration’s one-sided response to Jordan Peterson’s October 11 free speech rally, a group of concerned University of Toronto students gathered together to draft a response. It’s a brilliantly written letter that outlines the …

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Exclusive: UofT Free Speech Opponent Arrested for Assault (Feat. “Smugglypuff”)

On October 11th Professor Jordan Peterson held a demonstration at the University of Toronto to voice his concerns about political correctness. As expected, the radicals at the university’s student unions showed up to protest and shut down the professor’s speech. They (sort of) accomplished this by blasting white noise through a public address speaker system that …

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